If you've been reading my work for any length of time now, it should be of no surprise to you that I'm really fond of Agents. It was my first deck after returning to the game and it's held me captive for the better part of three years. Whenever a new set's released I always keep an eye out to see if there are any new cards that I could add to my Agent deck to improve it. This time around with the release of Primal Origin, it was easier than ever to do because in the Special Edition Konami released a new Agent monster outright!

Granted, it's not like it's entirely unexpected. When you've got a strategy based on the eight planets of our solar system and only six have been released thus far, it's safe to expect more in the future. Well, with the release of The Agent of Entropy – Uranus, we now have seven of the planets accounted for. Uranus is a neat departure from Agent strategy norms; the biggest change is that it's the first Dark Agent to be released. It's also the first Level 5. Just as well, Uranus is the theme's second Tuner and therein lies a big part of its appeal. Once per turn, you can send an Agent monster from your deck to the graveyard and make Uranus mimic its Level. That gives you incredible flexibility with your Synchro Summons as well as an extra level of graveyard control when it comes to Master Hyperion and Archlord Kristya.

You can also Special Summon The Agent of Entropy – Uranus from your hand for free too! The only catch is that you need to control The Sanctuary in the Sky. With that factored in, it's obvious that this card wasn't designed for your average, run-of-the-mill Chaos Agent deck. Most players would be deterred from this, but since I'm weird I thought I'd take a stab at it. Granted, I've had experience with Sanctuary Agents before, in fact that deck was the topic of the inaugural More Bang For Your Buck! But it's been two years and plenty of things have happened in the meantime; it's worth another look. Let's dive right in with the deck and then take it from there:

DECKID=100618A lot of things have changed since that first Agent article two years ago. Right off the bat, The Agent of Mystery – Earth was Semi-Limited after a long format of Agents completely dominating OCG metagames. Archlord Kristya was also Semi-Limited because of its obnoxious levels of awesomeness. You had cards like Monster Reborn and Heavy Storm flying around, too – it was practically a different game. But fascinatingly enough, the core of this deck has remained largely the same despite the fact that the entire Xyz era has come and perhaps gone since the writing of that article.

However, The Sanctuary in the Sky's still just as difficult of a card to work around as it was before. If you're being honest with yourself, it'd be easy to admit that on its own, Sanctuary's intrinsically useless. All it does is stop you from eating a lot of battle damage when you use your Fairies as giant meat shields – it's not exactly an impressive effect. So why run a seemingly subpar card? The short answer is that it enables some incredible effects that your Agent monsters wouldn't have otherwise.

Hidden Talents
You already know that The Sanctuary in the Sky gives The Agent of Entropy – Uranus its wings, but what else does it do for your various Agent monsters? Normally, The Agent of Mystery – Earth can only search out other Agent monsters, but Sanctuary active on the field Earth can also search out the theme's boss monster, Master Hyperion. That's an incredible shift in momentum that your opponent will have to be wary of.

Master Hyperion's easily one of the best boss monsters to ever come out of a Structure Deck. You can Summon it however you please, but it also has a built-in ability that lets you Special Summon it by banishing an Agent from your hand, field, or graveyard – which means that your Hyperion's live the moment you search it out with Earth. Once you get your boss onto the field the real fun begins: Master Hyperion can banish a Light Fairy from your graveyard to destroy a card on your opponent's side of the field once per turn. With the Sanctuary out on the field, you can use that effect up to twice per turn.


The Agent of Miracles Jupiter is normally just a beater. On its own, Jupiter carries a respectable 1800 ATK but with its effect you can boost Jupiter - or any other Light Fairy for that matter – up by another 800 ATK by banishing an Agent monster from your graveyard. Back in the day, it was affectionately called "Stardust Killer" since its boosted 2600 ATK could easily run over a Stardust Dragon.

Jupiter gets even crazier with The Sanctuary in the Sky out. Once per turn, you can discard a Fairy to Special Summon one of your removed from play Light Fairy monsters. That means anything you've banished as Hyperion fodder is fair game, and anything your opponent managed to hit with Bottomless Trap Hole or the newly Unlimited Dimensional Prison is subject to return again. That's some incredible recursion right there.

The Dark Side Of… Uranus?
The Agent of Entropy – Uranus gets its Special Summon ability from The Sanctuary in the Sky, and that Special Summon actually makes a world of difference given the sort of combos you can make. It's kind of nuts, the things you can do with Uranus and Venus when you have them together. If you were to throw in Soul Charge things get pretty crazy. Let's look at a few combos you can initiate if you have the Sanctuary active on the field:

Earth + Soul Charge:

-Activate Sanctuary

-Normal Summon Earth and search Uranus

-Special Summon Uranus and use its effect to yard Venus

-Use Soul Charge on Venus then Special Summon all three Shine Balls with Venus

-Tune Earth to Venus to Synchro Summon T.G. Hyper Librarian

-Then use the remaining three monsters to Special Summon Ancient Pixie Dragon

At that point, Librarian will draw you a card off of Ancient Pixie Dragon and then you can use Pixie Dragon's effect to pop an opposing monster. It's a crazy cool combo that can shift momentum pretty quickly. Sure, you'll eat 2500 Life Points but that's not exactly unfamiliar territory to an Agent duelist. Let's look at a more defensive combo…

Venus + Uranus

-Normal Summon Venus and Special Summon all three Shine Balls

-Special Summon Uranus and send another copy of Venus to the grave

-Tune Venus, Uranus, and a Shine Ball to Synchro Summon Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons

-Overlay the remaining two into Gachi Gachi Gantetsu

Now, at the end of that combo you have a wall that boosts all of your monsters by 400 ATK, and an indestructible Dragon. Depending on what you're playing against that's the kind of field that you could ride to victory.


There are subtle variations between all of those combos. You could do the aforementioned play sequence with just two Shine Balls, but I prefer to go the three Shine Ball route to get the last vanilla out of the deck and one of the extra Venus' yarded. If you have Archlord Kristya in your hand that combo could be very different. If you're really focusing on beating on your opponent, that Gachi Gachi could actually look more like a Daigusto Phoenix. Or even a Herald of Pure Light to get back your 2200 ATK Uranus and load the grave with more Fairies. The variety of options can make your head spin…

Alright, Buck. Where's The Bang?
This one caps us out at $100 but if you've built Agents before because of a MBFYB column, it'll be far more affordable for you! This deck's a rewarding cookie to crack. It can play in quite a different fashion than your traditional Agent build, but its range of combos is much wider.

Have you played Sanctuary Agents before? What's your build look like? What about the new Agent monster? Have you found any cool ways to use Uranus? Let me know in the comments section down below!

-Zach Buckley