Sometimes the latest TCGplayer App update adds in new features—like price exporting—but this week's update is all about quality of life big fixes and feature tweaks.

If you're not familiar, the TCGplayer App is a totally free way to find prices for Magic cards, scan and share entire lists of cards, search and shop the entire TCGplayer website and even scan to submit cards to stores' buylists through TCGplayer Trade-In.

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TCGplayer App 2.6 Release Notes:

Did you find a bug we missed? Just let us know at so we can clean it out too!

What Does This Mean?

It's annoying to see small errors when everything else is working right, so we gave the app a solid pass to clean up many of these issues—though we're sure you'll find something we missed. Bug reports and other notes sent to the development teams through have been critical to finding the corner case issues that always pop up. Thanks for helping us track down some of the more elusive issues!

Fixing rare crash issues for the CSV export, as well as small improvements to the scanning feature, make it even better to scan your cards and export the information you need. Prices, added in the last update, are one of the best ways to make a trade even, track what a friend borrows from you or even make a list to quickly price your trade binder. We're interested in how you're using the export feature, and what else may be missing from the information you choose to export. Remember: Check the settings (by clicking the gear wheel in the upper right-hand corner) to ensure you set the prices and other export features you're looking for!"


Iconic Masters is just around the corner, and if you plan to celebrate by drafting you should know the TCGplayer App can scan all the cards from the set. We tested this using cards I brought back from HasCon and are confident your Iconic draft weekend will benefit from having the TCGplayer App at the ready!

Thanks again for all your feedback and feature suggestions for the TCGplayer App. We can't wait to show you the next big feature we're working on now!

- Adam Styborski