There's no denying that Yu-Gi-Oh's a complicated game, and the Chain Link system's probably the trickiest part of the entire game (right above explaining to your family why you just spent hundreds of dollars on 2020 Mega-Tins). The previous episode of 'Casual to Competitive' dealt with how to call your chains in the right order for chain blocking.

This time, we're adding to the top of our 'rules sundae' to make sure you never miss timing again! If that phrase is making your head swim in panic, then it's time to check in with Dr. SuSu. Check out the video below to get your immunizations to missing timing!

Missing the timing of an effect is one of the biggest 'feel-bads' in Yu-Gi-Oh because it usually feels like you out-played yourself, or made a mistake that lost you the game. Learning from those mistakes - and from watching these videos! - helps you keep rulings in mind so that you only make those mistakes once. If you're on a personal quest to go from casual to competitive, subscribe to the doctor's youtube channel at HeadtoHead Battles (and that's a mandatory trigger that you can't miss!).