Extra Life, an annual event that benefits hospitals in the Children's Miracle Network, will be held this year on November 7th. Wizards of the Coast is dropping a new Secret Lair not only to mark the occasion, but also to benefit the fundraiser.

One of Ultra PRO's four playmats showcasing art from the Secret Lair drop.

Secret Lair: Extra Life 2020 is a four-card set that showcases art that revolves around the innocence and wonderment of children. The four cards being released are Teferi's Protection, Consecrated Sphinx, Collected Company, and Amulet of Vigor, all cards that have homes in many decks across various different formats.

These cards will be dropped between 9am Pacific Time on November 6th to the same time on November 9th. The drop will be listed at $59.99, with $30 of it going towards the fundraising benefit for Extra Life.

To compare the prices of Secret Lair: Extra Life 2020 with the present market prices of the individual cards in the drop, Teferi's Protection as printed in Mystery Booster is $35.12 at the time of writing, while Consecrated Sphinx is $31.88 in its lowest-priced printing from Iconic Masters. Collected Company is $10.63 in its only printing from Dragons of Tarkir, while Amulet of Vigor's market price is presently $14.58 in Mystery Booster's foil slot, its lowest pricing as well. Altogether the market price for these four cards, is $92.21, significantly higher than this drop.

In addition, Ultra PRO will be selling playmats on their website with the same artwork on their site on the same dates as the Secret Lair drop.

After the controversy that arose from the Secret Lair x The Walking Dead drop, this feels like a welcomed shift in tone. You can watch Gavin Verhey speak more about the upcoming Secret Lair drop and the fundraiser benefiting Extra Life below.