For many of us Yu-Gi-Oh's been a staple of our lives for quite some time. Locals and big events are a huge part of modern Yu-Gi-Oh, but "back in the day" many of us were begging our parents to take us down to the nearest toy or bookstore because they were the only place you could find players beyond the ones that lived on your street. There was a special appeal to putting together your Flame Swordsman deck with only a sandwich bag to protect your cards, playing against another kid that had all five pieces of Exodia The Forbidden One in his deck, and then rushing to grab more of the latest pack so you could beat him next week.

Today's featured video takes you on that trip down memory lane to discuss not how or if the game was better "back in my day," but to celebrate the things about Yu-Gi-Oh that drew us all to the game in the first place. Check out Doug's vide and see how many of these you remember.

Borrelsword Dragon's the coolest card you can play today, but there was certainly still a WOW factor back when the best thing you could do was summon Luster Dragon and put a Dust Tornado face-down. Check out the cards below to see if you remember them as fondly (or as painfully) as we do!