The Yu-Gi-Oh Mega-Tins are.. well, Mega. Since their first release in 2014, the Mega-Tins have been some of the hottest releases in the game. Tins usually include some of the most sought-after cards of the previous year, making them great pick-ups for collectors and tournament-grinders alike.

Instead of making a video about opening this year's Mega-Tin, Sam went all the way back to the beginning of Mega-Tins to open every single one, so you can relive the hype of the older Mega-Packs! If you're ready to see some of the coolest cards printed over the last seven years, hide your wallet and check out the video below!

If you enjoy playing Yu-Gi-Oh, there's a high chance that you love opening packs too. Even if most of these cards are past their prime, it's an absolute blast to see these cards again. The original 'starlight' prismatic promos are absolutely beautiful and there are plenty of alternate arts of classic cards! Many of your favorite cards were probably in a tin at one point or another.  If Sam has you PUMPED UP, you can pick up your very own Mega-Tins right here on TCGplayer!