Unlike Modern Affinity decks, Pauper Affinity actually runs cards with the keyword "affinity." Beyond that difference, they're very similar. Your goal is to dump your entire hand onto the board as quickly as possible and win through combat damage before your opponent can stabilize.

Modern Affinity wishes it could play the colored artifact lands like Great Furnace and Seat of the Synod. These cards make it easy to reach a critical mass of artifacts so you can play a 4/4 for two mana ( Carapace Forger) or for no mana ( Myr Enforcer). Thoughtcast refills your hand once you've dumped it on the battlefield so you never run out of threats. And while Modern Affinity all-star Arcbound Ravager isn't legal in Pauper, Atog fills the Ravager's role as a way to frustrate blocking plans and turn your tapped lands into extra damage on the final turn.

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