Do you want to go fast? Do you want to go wide, too? Well this week we've got a deck that does both! We're bursting out of the gates and never relenting, because Boros Knights can bring the heat.

The game plan is pretty simple: build out and attack!

Fast and Wide: We've got 12(!) one-drops here and we always want something in play on turn one. Then we've got Worthy Knight, History of Benalia and Gideon, Ally of Zendikar to pile on the tokens and broaden our boardstate.

Never Relenting: After the board is full of Knights we've got 12 dedicated "lord" effects with Inspiring Veteran, Benalish Marshal and Thalia's Lieutenant to make sure they punch through and get the opponent dead.




Spoilers beyond this point.

We started off really strong, not dropping a game to Jund Fires, Blue Artifacts or Azorius Spirits. But the wheels fell off against Golgari Stompy with The Great Henge both games, and we continued to falter against Mono-Black Aggro with too many removal spells for us to handle. 3-2 isn't bad though, and the matches we lost could have gone the other way with a few better draws. I certainly didn't feel like a massive underdog


Sideboard Guide

Vs. Aggro: Bring in Declaration in Stone and take out either History of Benalia (on the draw) or Knight of the White Orchid (on the play). You may want to bring in other cards depending on the specific matchup. If so, board out some amount of Inspiring Veteran, but don't go too low on threats—we need to get them dead somehow!

Vs. Control: Bring in the four Boros Charm and Gideon of the Trials to combat their Supreme Verdict. Take out Knight of the White Orchid on the play and some amount of Inspiring Veteran. On the draw, take out all the Inspiring Veteran and two Venerable Knight. This one is all about whether or not they get you with a board wipe, so try your best to play around it with Boros Charm, Dauntless Bodyguard and Gideons.

Vs. Inverter: Bring in Gideon of the Trials and board out two History of Benalia (on the draw) or two Knight of the White Orchid (on the play). This is a pretty good matchup for us if we can apply a lot of early pressure—which we can! Try to get Gideon of the Trials in play and use the emblem ASAP in post-board games. If it comes down before their Inverter of Truth, the game is pretty much over—we win.

Vs. Breach: Bring in Damping Sphere and Wear // Tear and take out Knight of the White Orchid. We don't want them on the play or draw in this matchup because Breach sacrifices lands to Lotus Field. Just go faster than your opponent or get them with the Sphere. Wear // Tear, specifically the Tear side, can interrupt them if you destroy their Underworld Breach while they're going off, also.

Vs. Green Ramp/Walkers: Bring in one Wear // Tear for the Karn, the Great Creator nonsense and one or two Declaration in Stone to deal with their go-wide draws. Take out Knight of the White Orchid on the play and History of Benalia on the draw. Going wide and hard is usually enough to keep them off balance, and we can kill them before it gets out of hand.

We had a simple plan here and we executed it well. It's not the flashiest bunch of cards out there, but these little Knights sure get the job done. When not interrupted, we win on turn four most of the time, and we go so wide that single target removal isn't very effective. The deck is also pretty fun to play and seems to be decently positioned in the current metagame. I highly recommend giving it a shot if you like aggressive decks. Even if you don't, actually. At least your games will be fast!

Thanks for stopping by, and I'll see you next week!