I saw this list in the 5-0 deck dump and just couldn't resist. It comes from gamer "AlexFiero" on Magic Online and features a new card from Ikoria that has a pretty colossal impact when it enters play. That card is Colossification!


Oh yeah, we're +20/+20-ing today, friends. This little deck stocks up the graveyard and kills in one fell swoop. 

Stock up the Graveyard: We've got to get Colossification and Burning Anger in the graveyard for our combo to work. For that job we've employed Jace, Vryn's Prodigy, Cathartic Reunion, Izzet Charm, Ox of Agonas and, best of all, Breaking // Entering. Mostly we're looting away the Auras and Oxen to find Storm Herald, but Breaking just throws eight cards in the 'yard and lets you sort them out. 

One Fell Swoop: Okay. So we've done our job. We've managed to get both Auras in the bin, now how do we win?


Storm Herald is our man. He enters play and brings them both with him. Attach them and tap the Herald for Burning Anger's ability with the Colossification tap trigger on the stack. Target your opponent and—voila! You win unless they have more than 23 life. Pretty easy, right?




Spoilers beyond here.

So we got to do our thing… a few times. It was my first ever league with it, and we certainly could have sideboarded better. Oops. The combo caught a few opponents by surprise and we had some fun, but ultimately went 1-4. Ouch. 

Sideboard Guide

The format is pretty all over the place with all the new decks, but I'll give you some heuristics for what to do.

I'm starting to think that Thoughtseize just isn't a very good card right now. Companions have come and shifted everything around. The Pioneer world is basically standing on its head. Strange times, y'all. 

* * *

This deck felt weak, but would be pretty good in a non-companion Pioneer meta. Honestly, I'm pretty disappointed in the decision to put commanders into competitive constructed Magic. It seems like a net negative in the long run. In the meantime you should do yourself a favor, though, and play with the companion cards until you can't anymore. They're broken

Good luck out there, fam. Hope you're staying safe and keeping that curve low. See you next week!