Ikoria has hit the scene and I just took my first big gulp of it. I'm very excited for all the new toys, but today we're gonna focus on just one: Lurrus of the Dream-Den. There's only one in our 75 and it's in the sideboard, but it's always in our hand! What?! Yeah, the companion mechanic might be broken, but let's find out. This deck is designed to beat down early and grind into the mid game. 

Beat down early

There are twenty, that's right twenty, cards that cost one mana and attack for damage in here. So the beats will certainly be brought. Not to mention we can play two of them on turn one with Kytheon, Hero of Akros and Mox Amber! Turn 'em sideways, y'all. 

Grind into the mid game


Lurrus of the Dream-Den is so reliable (because we always have it in our hand) and great at transitioning into the midgame that we don't have to worry too much about our opponent stabilizing. We can just continue to apply pressure indefinitely. Well, until they deal with Lurrus, I suppose. Thraben Inspector and Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx help generate some advantage as well. 




Spoilers past here. Watch the video first!


What. The. Heck. This is the first time I've brewed something fully new and trophied my first ever league with it. Feels great! I'm so excited y'all got to experience it on the video as well. Lurrus of the Dream-Den was pretty nuts. Kytheon, Hero of Akros flipped a whole lot. We curved Dryad Militant into Tomik, Distinguished Advokist against Lotus Breach. It was a good league. What else can I say?

Sideboard Guide

Vs. Control

Apply as much early pressure as you can muster and flip Kytheon, Hero of Akros if possible. Keep your board alive with Dauntless Bodyguard and Selfless Spirit, both of which you can recur with Lurrus.

Vs. Inverter

Keep them off the combo with the graveyard hate and beat 'em to a pulp!

Vs. Breach

You might want to take out all the Knights for the two Quarantine Fields here as well. Knight is bad because they sacrifice their lands for Lotus Field. Tomik is our best card, so keep him alive!

Vs Mono-Red

Remove their threats and beat them down. We can grind them out pretty well with Lurrus and Daxos. 

Vs Mono-White

Don't let them get going, as they can go much bigger.

Vs Mono-Black

We have enough removal to slow them down, just need to beat them in the mid game grind with Lurrus so try to keep him alive with Dauntless Bodyguards when you can. 

I wasn't sure about this deck, but it sure delivered! Lurrus is seriously no joke and you'll be seeing a whole lot of it in constructed Magic from now on. Always having an engine card in your hand is, well, kind of busted. Who knew? It played out even better than expected, and I can't wait to brew some more nonsense with these new cards. 

Got that trophy, baby! Super pumped! Come hang out on my Twitch channel and see this kind of stuff live!

Catch ya next week, gamers.