Good golly, Miss Molly, have I got a deck for y'all this week. Want to play all the best vehicles? Want to crew them with powerful and efficient threats? Well then this one's for you.

Orzhov Vehicles combines cheap evasive threats with powerful planeswalkers and the most efficient interaction in the format to leave your opponents in the dust. Be sure to give a friendly honk or two as you pass them by!


Cheap Evasive Threats


Smuggler's Copter is awesome. It got banned in Standard very quickly and now people are calling for a ban in Pioneer as well. I don't think it's quite ban-worthy yet, but the card selection and beatdowns are very welcome here.


Heart of Kiran is our other vehicle of choice. It didn't get banned in Standard, but being able to crew it with planeswalker loyalty counters is huge upside that's just begging to be exploited. It particularly synergizes with Gideon Blackblade, who can crew it as a creature on your turn and with a loyalty on their turn, while giving it lifelink to boot! Heart also wins the vehicle head-to-head war if your opponent is also playing Smuggler's Copter.


Powerful Planeswalkers



You've probably met my old friend Gideon, Ally of Zendikar and know that he's tip top when it comes to aggressive four-mana value, but how about adding another Gideon to your arsenal? Gideon Blackblade is perfect for this deck as it gives us another anti-sweeper threat that crews Heart of Kiran multiple ways and can gain us some life and remove problem permanents later on.


Efficient Interaction


This format is getting more and more streamlined every week. Decks are getting ruthlessly efficient and people are trimming down on pet cards for faster combos and more potent threats and answers. To combat this, it's really important to be able to interact on the cheap. Fatal Push and Thoughtseize are among the best ways (if not the best ways) to do exactly that.






Spoilers beyond this point.

Whew, what a ride that one was! Get it? We were riding the vehicles? Ya know?

Okay, anyway, not a bad little drive there with a 3-2 finish. We vroomed over the slower controlling decks with our unsweepable threats and just barely got "got" by the two Mono-Black Aggro opponents due to a bit of bad variance. We were so close, but the first Mono-Black player found that Fatal Push on the final turn, and game three of the final round we only found lands after turn two. Oh well. The deck still feels great, and I'll be sure to play more of it in preparation for next week's series of online PTQs.


Sideboard Guide



Vs. Control and Ramp


Bring in Collective Brutality and Duress and take out Fatal Push. If they have a few targets for Noxious Grasp and/or Despark, make sure you squeeze those in as well. We happen to be pretty good here since our threats don't mind Supreme Verdict, so stick to the main game plan and just keep attacking.

For Ramp, just keep beating down with Copter and Heart while slowing them down with hand disruption.


Vs. Green Devotion/Hardened Scales


Get those Blightbeetles in there with the Noxious Grasps and Legion's Ends, too. Lose the Toolcraft Exemplar and trim Thalia, Heretic Cathar and Gideon, Ally of Zendikar. We need to slow them down and win with our flying death machines. Blightbeetle is our best card because it shuts off Walking Ballista and Voracious Hydra while neutering Vivien, Arkbow Ranger and Nissa, Voice of Zendikar.


Vs. Mono-Black Aggro


We had some trouble here in the video and I think it's a very close matchup. Legion's End, Cast Down, Rest in Peace, Collective Brutality, Valorous Stance and Despark should all come in and we should cut the Scrapheap Scrounger and Thoughtseize.

They're trying to whittle down our life total with flyers and recursive threats while keeping us at bay with their cheap interaction, so we need to exile as many of their small creatures as we can while killing all Smuggler's Copter and Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet on sight! Heart of Kiran is also very good here as it's bigger than all of their creatures.


Vs. Mono Red


Collective Brutality shines so brightly in this matchup. Get those in there along with Legion's End, Cast Down and Duress. Get rid of those Thoughtseize to make some room. We have a lot of removal and Gideon Blackblade can gain us a ton of life, so this matchup feels pretty good.

Orzhov Vehicles is looking like a major player in the Pioneer metagame going forward. It has the tools and technology to take on all comers, and a lot of versatility in sideboarding to really tweak different matchups. Black and white get access to most of the best removal and color hosers in the format. Have fun with this one, folks! I certainly will. Catch me on Twitter or on stream and let me know what you think.

See you next week for more Pioneer with Poncelet!


Kevin Poncelet