What's up, party people? It's been a little while since we messed around with Sram, Senior Edificer and this time the deck comes from a Players Tour Top 8. Ken Yukuhiro showed up with a wild Orzhov Auras list and took PT Nagoya by storm. We've made some tweaks for the new metagame and we're running it through the MTGO League gauntlet. The main idea here is to suit up a one-drop and refill your hand if they interact.


Suit Up a One-Drop




We're playing ten of them: four Alseid of Life's Bounty, four Hateful Eidolon, and two Dryad Militant. Generally you don't want to keep a hand without one. Get it into play and make it huge with cards like Ethereal Armor and All That Glitters. Prioritize making the lifelinkers big when you can, especially against aggro decks. Then go to town on their life total!



Refill Your Hand



Sram is perfect in this deck. All these one-mana Aura spells give us endless gas when he's in play. But he's not the only card that helps us keep our hand stacked. We also get Hateful Eidolon, that draws cards when creatures with our Auras go to the graveyard. If you have two of them in play, they stack, too! Also, check out the three Dead Weight in the sideboard that trigger both of our card draw creatures. Deece!







Spoilers beyond this point.

Hey now. Got that trophy! Didn't even drop a game, let alone a match.

Okay, I guess this one could be a real contender. We did have some pretty good draws, but I think it helps that we're playing a proactive deck that asks hard-to-answer questions. Our opponents sure weren't happy to see our giant lifelinkers today!


Sideboard Guide


Vs. Inverter: Bring in Hushbringer and Gideon of the Trials along with the Apostle of Purifying Light. Take out Gryff's Boon, Aphemia, the Cacophony and one Sentinel's Eyes. This matchup is close, but we can run them out of removal pretty fast and bring the beats before they combo off. This deck and Breach are the reason we're running Dryad Militant in the main. Keeping them off of Dig Through Time is huge.

Vs. Breach: Bring in Tomik, Distinguished Advokist, Deafening Silence and Damping Sphere. Take out Aphemia and Gryff's Boon. We need to get them dead ASAP game one and mulligan to disruption for games two and three. Have at least one Dryad, Tomik, Sphere or Deafening Silence in your opener if possible.

Vs. Delirium/Mono-Black: Bring in Apostle and trim Gryff's Boon. Suit up an Apostle and go to town!

Vs. Azorius Control: Don't sideboard for this one. Just leverage your Karametra's Blessing to beat Supreme Verdict and get them dead.

Vs. Aggro: Bring in Dead Weight and take out Gryff's Boon. Make a big lifelinker when they're tapped out if possible and take down to pound town. Who's the aggro now?

Alright, that deck was fun. I'll probably keep iterating on it on stream in the coming weeks to see if I can win a PTQ or something. Hopefully you do, too! I'm a bit surprised at how strong this list feels because the cards look a bit janky at first glance, but wow, does it get the job done. I can't wait to take it to again next week with a new one!


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