It is a great time to be a Pokémon fan! The Pokémon Company International recently announced a new client for the online version of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Here are the answers to your burning questions!

What is Pokémon Trading Card Game Live?

Pokémon Trading Card Game Live (PTCG Live) is the new digital client for the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Unlike the previous client, PTCG Live will be built completely from the ground up by The Pokémon Company International for both casual and competitive audiences. This client will be adding updated avatar, matchmaking, and collection systems. The new PTCG Live will be built to be played on PC, Mac, Tablet, and Mobile.

Will my collection from PTCGO convert over to PTCG Live?

When PTCG Live is released, you will be able to move... most of your collection over to the new client. For a majority of cards, you will be able to move over up to four copies. For cards like Prism Stars or V-Union pieces, you will only be able to move over a single copy, while you can move up to 59 copies of any Basic Energy. You will also only be able to transfer cards from Black & White forward, so any legacy cards will likely be left out.

What if I have more than four copies of a card on my PTCGO account?

When your collection transfers over, any additional copies of a card beyond the initial four will turn into "Credits." In a similar fashion, any unopened products, like booster packs, will go toward an amount of Crystals that will be added to your account, up to a maximum of 6,200 Crystals.

What are Credits and Crystals?

There are three types of currency in PTCG Live:

Will there be a competitive mode in PTCG Live?

PTCG Live will include multiple matchmaking modes, depending on how the player wants to enjoy the game. For those players trying out new decks or just trying to play low-stress games, there will be a Casual matchmaking mode. For players trying to test their skill or play in a more competitive setting, there will also be a ranked matchmaking mode with a ranking ladder.

When will PTCG Live go live?

Currently, the timeline of PTCG Live is "later this year" and may line up closer to the release of the Fusion Strike set. What we do know is that PTCGO will be sunset before the release of PTCG Live, which means there will be a period of time without an active client for the Pokémon Trading Card Game.