The Pokemon card craze hit when I was ten, which is really the perfect age to get into Pokemon. I knew how the game mechanics worked but had no patience for it. My relationship with the game didn't sour until, after trading all of my rares for a charizard (base1-4), I brought it to my friend Zack's house in my pocket and forgot to take it out while we jumped on the trampoline with the sprinkler going underneath it. That sucked.

When the opportunity to review a supplementary Pokemon product came across my desk, I leapt at the opportunity. My brief dalliance with the game 20 years ago makes me an expert; who better to spend their Friday afternoon reviewing a Pokemon Collectors' Tin? You're talking to a guy who bought both the Beatdown and Deckmaster products in middle school. I know my way around these things.

What we have is a tin. Pretty standard stuff so far.

Paydirt. These cards seem pretty absurd. I don't remember anything hitting for 190 back in the day, let alone a Stage 2er. It appears we've also got a coin in there. I remember a lot of Pokemon required coin flips. I guess that's still a thing!

There are booster packs in here! That kind of rules. Let's see what else is in this thing.

That's a lot of stuff. Those stickers are going all over my car. I can't wait.

Using TCGplayer's handy search function, I looked up all the cards I opened. None of them were selling for more than three dollars, but opening packs is still really fun and anyone who claims otherwise is lying through their teeth.

How awesome is this little thing? All my rares and holographics went in here immediately. It's adorable and I love it. I hope they make a movie about Big Pikachu like they did for Detective Pikachu. Is Detective Pikachu even canon?

Final Grade: 10/10 Pokeballs, highly recommend.