Theros Beyond Death, like Theros before it, is full of payoffs for running lots and lots of enchantments. Enchantments boost devotion, power up Thirst for Meaning, turn Destiny Spinner into a finisher, and make Enigmatic Incarnation into Birthing Pod.

But what if you're not interested in that? What if all you want is a big flock of beautiful horsies?



That's when you turn to Archon of Sun's Grace. A 3/4 flying lifelink for four mana is already ahead of the curve, but whenever you drop an enchantment with the Archon in play, you also get a 2/2 flying Pegasus with lifelink.

This deck adds flying support and other Standard-legal Pegasi to the Archon plan so you can live your dream of teaming up with Rainbow Dash.









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