Pro Tour Aether Revolt marks the second Pro Tour in a row with no real new decks. Everything was on the table going into the event. This may be a feature of Standard and not a bug, and it seems likely that this trend will continue as Standard continues to not rotate; Amonkhet and Hour of Devastation, the next two sets, do not force any sets out of Standard. At this point, either WotC can cede that more low-impact sets will be a natural result of delayed Standard rotations, or Amonkhet block will be full of cards so good that they force players to play them by virtue of their power level. Neither option looks great, but them's the breaks. Switching to two-set blocks wasn't all upside.

Now that the Monday Morning Angst is out of the way, let's get into the Magic cards that done sold good.

Honorable Mentions

Inspiring Statuary's still a neat card and will be a central piece of many a Friday Night Magic deck while it exists in Standard. Likewise, Winding Constrictor will enable plenty of its own more competitive, less fun decks. They'll play identical roles on opposite ends of the Fun Vs. Good spectrum.

Walking Ballista, on the other hand, looks a lot like the second coming of Hangarback Walker: a strong colorless card that goes in every deck, is a pain for opponents to deal with efficiently, and scales as the game goes on. The fact that it continues to sell as its price climbs is a convincing sign of how important it is in Aether Revolt Standard.

#10: Veteran Motorist

Magic needs more aggressive creatures with enters-the-battlefield scry triggers tacked on. I love this card, and it's no surprise to see a spike in its sales coming off a weekend where Mardu Vehicles totally dominated Pro Tour Aether Revolt.

#9: Aethersphere Harvester

Aethersphere Harvester performs much better than the moniker "Budget-Friendly Heart of Kiran," but Aethersphere Harvester blocks Heart of Kiran in combat, gains life, and lives to tell the tale. It doesn't hit quite as hard, but its low crew cost keeps it in the conversation.

#8: Fatal Push

The fact that Fatal Push is a good card is common knowledge, but expect its stock to rise even higher now that vehicles—namely Heart of Kiran—are Aether Revolt Standard's current world-beaters.

#7: Greenbelt Rampager

This card owes its meteoric rise to Martin Juza's Top 8 deck. Rogue Elephant, eat your heart out:

One of the only options for players looking to get aggressive without crewing vehicles, look for this deck to get refined by players looking to get out of the collective bottleneck.

#6: Toolcraft Exemplar

Hot Take: It's not a vehicles deck. It's a dwarves deck. They just named it vehicles to sell the new card set and because dwarf tribal makes people think of Homelands, AKA The Set That Made The Most Headway In Killing Magic Forever.

#5: Spire of Industry

Directly giving financial advice is really not my thing, but I feel strongly about this: If you think you're going to play Spire of Industry, pick up your copies soon. At the time of writing, their Market Price is $2.28. That has to be the floor for this card.

#4: Heart of Kiran

Here we are again!

I didn't think anything was going to get banned after Pro Tour Aether Revolt, but now it feels like Heart of Kiran's fate is all but sealed. Obviously Grand Prix results can alter Heart of Kiran's fate, but there's no denying Heart of Kiran had a strong performance at Pro Tour Aether Revolt. Those darn two-mana vehicles! You're on watch, Sky Skiff.

#3: Release the Gremlins

I like cards like Release the Gremlins. It obviously scales as the game goes on, but its floor is Manic Vandal. That's pretty damn good!

#2: Unlicensed Disintegration

I've often said in this space that I'd give my kingdom for Hero's Downfall. Turns out Hero's Downfall's been around the whole time. Unlicensed Disintegration's really good, and with Fatal Push, provides a 1-2 punch that's going to make aggressive black decks very tough to beat in Aether Revolt Standard.

#1: Scrapheap Scrounger

Those damn two-mana artifacts.

Anyone could've seen it coming—today's Top 8 was littered with Mardu Vehicles cards, and at the top of the list is Scrapheap Scrounger. It crews vehicles, it's aggressive, it's a recurring threat, it wakes up Spire of Industry and Toolcraft Exemplar... Scrapheap Scrounger is legit.

Start packing Declaration in Stone. See you Friday.

Jon Corpora
Pronounced Ca-pora