In October of 2019, Gavin Verhey declared that 2020 would be the year of Commander, and so far we have not been disappointed. From Jumpstart to Double Masters, we've been gifted reprints galor as well as a handful of wonderful legendaries to build around. However, during CommandFest Online 2, the community was able to gain greater insight into some upcoming Commander products. I present to you a recap of the exciting new products Commander enthusiasts can expect toward the end of this year.

Commander Collection: Green to Release December 4th

We were first introduced to Commander Collection: Green, a product akin to the Signature Spellbooks in regards to their marketing. This particular collection features eight cards, all with new art either depicting or relating to popular Magic legends. The panel revealed all eight cards for this product, and they're incredibly exciting.

We're receiving much-needed reprints for cards like Seedborn Muse (depicting Azusa-related art), Bane of Progress (a treefolk ripping into Urza's invention), and Worldly Tutor (depicting Yisan).

We're also getting new versions of two commanders: Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury and Omnath, Locus of Mana.


However, the final two cards are what I'm most excited to share: a green-themed Sol Ring and Command Tower. These two cards are particularly exciting due to their unique alternate arts, which will also be available in foil in the premium version of the product.

Toward the end of the segment, it was hinted that we would see more color-themed Command Towers and Sol Rings in the future. Commander Collection: Green is slated to release December 4th!

Commander Legends to Release November 6th

The second portion of the panel featuring Gavin, Ari and Jules was dedicated to one of the most ambitious and exciting Commander products to date: Commander Legends.

Commander Legends will include new cards and reprints, with flavor pulled from any place and any time in Magic, which is incredibly exciting for Vorthos players. We will see three returning mechanics and one new mechanic (though they were not explicitly detailed).

The panelists were extremely excited to explain this "Commander meets draft" drafting experience. Players draft three 20 card packs and build a 60 card deck. Normal Commander rules apply in terms of commander damage and color identity; however, life totals will start at 40 and singleton rules will not apply (which will make the drafting process a lot smoother). Another exciting fact? Instead of drafting one card per pack, you are able to draft two cards instead! Unlike Standard packs, Commander Legends boosters will contain two legendaries and one foil.

Along with enemy-colored Battlebond lands, this product will feature the exciting return of the partner mechanic!

Legends with partner can now partner with anything in this set (so long as they both have partner). During the panel, four new partners were spoiled for this legend-packed set: Sengir, the Dark Baron, Halana, Kessig Ranger, Alena, Kessig Trapper, and The Prismatic Piper. Magic Twitter excitedly discussed Halana and Alena, while others were stunned by the Piper's interesting and unique ability.

This card was added to help with drafting specific colors, and it was stated that there was "one [Piper] in every six packs."

Command Legends contains 71 new legends, 41 mono-colored partners (including Piper), and 30 non-partner two or three-color legends. That's a lot.

But the fun doesn't stop there! We'll see the return of extended art cards as well as new "etched foil" cards, which feature unique frames. While the newer legends will feature this beautiful printing, it was also noted that 32 legendaries from Magic's history will appear with this special etched foil as well. When prompted about the price of Commander Legends, it was stated that packs will be more expensive than a standard booster but less expensive than a master booster.

Looking at these two products, it's no wonder that Gavin said 2020 would be the year of Commander. Commander Legends will release on November 6th, and you know that I am just jonesing to get my hands on a box! Mark your calendar!