An eye closes. A race awakens.

In a nearby tower, Urza opens his Expedition Map, only to see the Eye of Ugin has mysteriously vanished entirely. Urgently he writes to Karn-

"Karn, something unspeakable has happened within the boundaries of our lands. We have ridden the world of the Eldrazi menace but in the process we have lost one of our most precious lands to the Blind Eternities. Quickly send word to the Mines and the Power Plants, we cannot fight this war any longer. We cannot endure."

Urza evaporates from his desk in a thick white light, never to be seen again.

April the fourth, 2016
-Tom Leveille"

Let us have a moment of silence for our dearly departed friend. Tron is dead, they say, and I'm inclined to agree. R/G Tron was a Tier 1.5 – 2 deck to begin with, and with the banning of Eye of Ugin it gets much worse. Now those extra Sylvan Scryings or Expedition Maps you draw no longer tutoring up inevitability in the form of Eye of Ugin. Now you will have more fluff against the control decks, and countermagic will become a problem.

We have some options, however. We can turn to the dark side and take our Tron lands and combine them with Eldrazi Temples and become a big mana Eldrazi deck. Another option is to find a different build with the Tron lands. Today I will be discussing the possible future of Tron with these two decks. I'd rather try to find something different to do than just play the same R/G Tron list that is just strictly worse than the previous lists that ran Eye of Ugin. Again, that's just asking for a trainwreck; R/G Tron wasn't even Tier 1 to begin with.

Let's start off with what got Eye of Ugin banned to begin with. Let us look at the dark side…


An eye closes. A race awakens.

It's a bit ironic, isn't it? Ban Eye of Ugin and one way Tron can go is the Eldrazi route. Expedition Map will just get us Eldrazi Temples unless we are close to Tron already, then we can instead go straight to seven mana and start casting our Eldrazi monsters. We become much more of a midrange deck than the traditional R/G Tron deck. We should still have a good control matchup, we just won't have inevitability. However, we don't necessarily need inevitability if we can just have all our Eldrazi resolve with the help of Cavern of Souls.

Aggro decks become much better matchups for us since we have Matter Reshapers, Thought-Knot Seers, and removal spells, and we have actual plays that affect the board before turn three or four. Traditionally, R/G Tron only had Pyroclasm to affect the board early and relied on its big spells to win the game. This is not the case with the Trondrazi deck, we don't even have to assemble Tron to win, it just helps us dump our entire hand if we assemble it.

This first list is not what I'm really excited for though. The Tron list I really want to revisit and try out is W/U Tron.


This is what I want to work with. Previously W/U Tron was slow and worse than R/G Tron because of the slowness and not really having much to do once it assembled Tron. It always seemed like it was missing something to do with the mana once it got all the lands together. After the banning, R/G Tron took a hit, but UW Tron gained tools in the Thopter/Sword combo. Now we have a lot to do with our mana! I like this deck because it doesn't rely on that combo to win the game. Don't get me wrong, the Thopter/Sword combo is strong, but we are by no means all-in on that plan. In fact, we have plenty of other win conditions.

Win Conditions

Almost all these win conditions can be assembled through one resolution of Gifts Ungiven.

· Thopter Foundry and Sword of the Meek

· Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

· Reanimating Iona, Shield of Emeria

· Reanimating Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite

· Mindslaver lock

· Beatdown with Thought-Knot Seer and Celestial Colonnade

As you can see, there are plenty of win conditions in the deck. The most concerning question I hear about this deck or why people don't want to play this deck is because they are scared to play Gifts Ungiven. The card can be extremely complicated to play but let me ease your burden and help you out with the most common Gifts Ungiven packages.

Most Common Gifts Ungiven Packages


Unburial Rites + Win Condition



Mindslaver Lock



These are the most common piles that I use. If you have an active Academy Ruins or Crucible of Worlds, Gifts Ungiven becomes much stronger since you can basically put whatever you want on top with the help of Academy Ruins.

Wrap up

This is not the end of Tron, ladies and gentlemen. In fact, you can still run R/G Tron and just replace Eye of Ugin with Sanctum of Ugin. I don't like not having inevitability, but turn three Karn Liberated is still pretty good against many a deck. I personally wouldn't play R/G Tron at the moment, but wouldn't fault anyone for doing so.

As always, thank you for tuning in. It's much appreciated. Next week we will be going back to Standard. I will be discussing the Esper Dragons deck that put me into the Top 16 at the Baltimore Open this past weekend and my experience at the invitational in Columbus.

See you next week!

Ali Aintrazi