Cybernetic Horizonhas two pieces of Mekk-Knight support: a World Legacy spell and a newMekk-Knight Link Monster. World Legacy's Memory isn't a new addition – itreleased in Flames of Destruction Special Edition – but it's muchmore interesting in the context of Mekk-Knight of the Morning Star: aLink-2 that creates new opportunities for the theme with its World Legacysearch effect.

I briefly discussedMekk-Knight of the Morning Star last month, and with its official releasecoming up this Friday it's worth talking about again. I've mentioned beforethat Mekk-Knight's weakness as a theme is its inability to find its WorldLegacy support. There are great ways to search monsters: Mekk-Knight PurpleNightfall and Mekk-Knight Blue Sky have excellent search effects and as aresult they're the backbone of the popular Mekk-Knight engine. As adedicated strategy, Mekk-Knights have struggled to assemble the synergiesbetween their monsters and World Legacy cards, but that's only becausethose spells and traps have been buried in the deck.

Morning Star changes all that by searching a World Legacy card when it'sSummoned. That effect isn't free, however, and you'll need to discard aWorld Legacy or Mekk-Knight card in exchange. The discard alone limitsMorning Star's playability outside of decks running more than a handful ofMekk-Knights. World Legacy themes can get some mileage out of its effect –and I think that's worth exploring – but that doesn't mean Morning Starisn't worth playing as an addition to a teched Mekk-Knight engine. Its LinkArrows make it an ideal pick for Extra Deck-heavy themes that are stilllacking good Link Monsters.

Pure Mekk-Knights will see the most improvement from Morning Star, andwhile it still might not be enough to push the strategy into seriouscompetition it's definitely a massive upgrade for the deck. The entirestrategy changes to focus on what Morning Star provides, much likePendulums shifted overnight to abuse the power of HeavymetalfoesElectrumite.

DECKID=109003You can play Mekk-Knights in dozens of different ways, and both Invoked andTrickstar Mekk-Knight hybrids are competitive even without Morning Star.However, World Legacy-heavy Mekk-Knights have their own advantages that areworth exploring, and this build does exactly that. The goal here is fairlysimple: build card advantage using Purple Nightfall and Blue Sky, thentransform those monsters into Links or World Legacy cards through MorningStar. There's a ton of card advantage to grab here from just two monsters,but rather than use that engine purely to build momentum for Link playswe'll also be using it to access a toolbox of great effects.

I think most of the Mekk-Knight line-up is self-explanatory: PurpleNightfall, Blue Sky, and to a lesser extent Red Moon and Yellow Star haveseen play in Invoked and Trickstar hybrids in the past. Mekk-Knight GreenHorizon is much less common, but it's a great pick for modern versions ofthe deck where you'll be sending your monsters to the graveyard more often.It can be hit or miss–in the early game there are fewer opportunities totrigger its effect and unfortunately it doesn't synergize with MorningStar's continuous effect.

Mekk-Knight Avram helps build early game Link Summons simply by carryingthe Mekk-Knight theme name. Brilliant Fusion is a one-card Morning Starthanks to Gem-Knight Lazuli's effect, which adds Avram from the graveyardto the hand. If you send both Lazuli and Avram to the graveyard to FusionSummon Gem-Knight Seraphinite you can add back Avram, Normal Summon it, andLink Summon Morning Star with both monsters. If you somehow end up with twoAvram in your opening hand you can Summon one, make Link Spider, thenSpecial Summon the other. It's also a target for Unexpected Dai, but Ichose not to play it here.

Creating the conditions to Summon Mekk-Knights from the hand is stillimportant. Even with World Legacy's Memory you'll want to set up theSpecial Summon effect of Mekk-Knight Blue Sky to trigger its search effectwithout burning your spell card. Brilliant Fusion, Instant Fusion, and SkyStriker Mecha - Hornet Drones set up columns so your Mekk-Knights can hitthe field reliably. Building your own columns is key: you can't rely onyour opponent to play into your Summoning conditions. When it happens it'sa fantastic bonus, especially when you can capitalize with Mekk-Knight BlueSky.

Instant Fusion is included in this build to Fusion Summon Millennium-EyesRestrict. It's a one-card column if you absorb an opponent's monster, andit's great monster removal whenever you're not Extra Linked. The SkyStriker engine fulfills the same goal of column-building with just onecard, and while I didn't include Sky Striker Mobilize - Engage! herethere's no reason why you couldn't run it. It's not necessary, and if youwanted to expand the Sky Striker engine further you'd have a solid hybridon your hands. Trickstar Sky Striker Mekk-Knight builds are already doingthis to some degree, but they aren't playing World Legacy cards for themost part.


The World Legacy cards in this build distinguish it from the myriad hybridsthat see play right now. It's much more true to the original design of thetheme, for whatever that's worth, and makes the most of Mekk-Knight of theMorning Star. There are plenty of new tricks to pull off here, but for themost part you'll want to search World Legacy's Secret. The Call of theHaunted-like Special Summon effect of World Legacy's Secret synergizesperfectly with its column-based monster negation, and transforms Secretfrom a simple recovery card to a complicated floodgate.

This is where Mekk-Knight Indigo Eclipse truly shines: its column-changingeffect lets it exist in two places over the course of a single turn. Whilea World Legacy Continuous Spell or Trap is on the field you can negate twocards by Summoning and switching Indigo Eclipse into those columns. WorldLegacy's Secret and World Legacy's Memory let you surprise your opponentwith the first Summon, then force them to carefully consider the placementof their next card. If your Main Monster Zones are open, or if you havemultiple Mekk-Knights on the field, their placement doesn't particularlymatter as far as their next monster effect is concerned.

Between World Legacy's Memory and Secret there are plenty of opportunitiesto negate monster effects, and if you can add World Legacy Whispers to thatset-up you'll be in a great position with both monster and spellnegation. Main Deck copies of World Legacy Key can come in handy, but Iprefer siding additional copies as counters to trap-heavy strategies andcertain popular Side Deck cards like Evenly Matched. Although World LegacyWhispers has the lowest initial value, it's still worth playing for itsnegation effect. I think a single copy of Whispers is also a solid choicedepending on the number of hand traps you plan to run.

You'll find most of your World Legacy cards through Mekk-Knight of theMorning Star, but there's another way to reach your play starters: WorldLegacy Survivor. Its effect excavates the top five cards of your deck, andif there's a World Legacy or a Krawler among them you'll add one to yourhand while sending the rest to the graveyard. If you didn't excavate aWorld Legacy or a Krawler you'll shuffle all excavated cards back into thedeck. While we're not playing Krawlers we are playing twelve World Legacycards, and that's more than enough to make World Legacy Survivor viable.

World Legacy Survivor is a lifesaver if you're playing first in the duel.It can add World Legacy's Secret to your hand while loading the graveyardwith Mekk-Knights, or simply grab a copy of World Legacy's Memory to getplays started. It's a contentious choice since activating it will turn offBrilliant Fusion and Instant Fusion for the remainder of the turn. Thatsaid, 'remainder of the turn' is barely a drawback. You can, and wouldcertainly want to, activate your Brilliant Fusion before Survivorto reap all of the benefits of excavating your deck without the drawbacks.

Pure Mekk-Knights play similarly to Altergeists in that their effectnegation stalls the duel long enough for them to build up a surplus ofmonster cards. Mekk-Knights are a bit more versatile in that respect, butthey're also less consistent and reliant on finding ways to exploit theirunique Summoning conditions. Hand traps are a major concern: losing MorningStar's effect to an Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring or InfiniteImpermanence is a major setback. Droll & Lock bird also slows the deckdown to a crawl. Called by the Grave is practically mandatory here sincePSY-Framegear Gamma can't protect Morning Star.

Invoked hybrids may be the best builds going forward, and that's largelydue to Morning Star's excellent Link Arrows. Until the Invoked theme's ownLink Monster arrives Morning Star is one of a couple easily-SummonedLink-2s with two downward Link Arrows. It's probably the best overall LinkMonster for the deck right now, and I think we'll be seeing a lot more ofthe strategy when Regionals start up again. It's somewhat under the radarright now too, so it will likely survive a Forbidden & Limited List ifone drops in the next month or so.

Until next time then