Red-White Prison has quietly been putting up lots of solid finishes lately. For a deck that has often been considered tier two in Modern, the results are impressive. This deck plays tons of hateful cards, and has the ability to fight even the top decks in the format. The main deck Chalice of the Voids and Blood Moons can be amazing in the right situation, then after sideboard you play the best possible cards for the matchups that are bad in game one. Against the fair midrange decks Prison can use its planeswalkers to get ahead. My list is a bit different from the ones you normally see:

I have been liking the main deck Rest in Peace, especially for the metagame on Magic Online, and then after sideboard you can play the full playset to really get an edge over any of the graveyard decks. Simian Spirit Guide and Gemstone Caverns help with the plan of getting out your hate cards as soon as possible.

The matches went pretty much as I expected. The new Counters Company deck is pretty cool, as you need to constantly be worried about the opponent getting a Devoted Druid out and then finding the Vizier of Remedies to go along with it. Luckily after getting combo'd out in the first game the sweepers started to show up. We have access to five sweepers after sideboard, and anytime you can sweep the board while having a planeswalker in play, things tend to go well. Blood Moon isn't going to be as effective if Noble Hierarch is in play, so I like getting that card off the table.

The other Abzan deck was a much more traditional midrange deck. I like this matchup for Red-White Prison. Dark Confidant can bury you with card advantage, but a timely Blood Moon or planeswalker can put the Abzan Midrange deck in tough spots. If we had played against Death's Shadow, that matchup is generally better than regular Abzan as your Chalice of the Voids are much better there.

I felt like I got out-maneuvered versus the Elves deck. This is a matchup where you need to set up a good time to get your planeswalkers down. Sweepers are good but the Elves will keep coming, which is why you really want to get a planeswalker in play. Unfortunately, in game two when I did get Elspeth, Sun's Champion into play a critical Collected Company for Ezuri, Renegade Leader and trampling Elves hit, which is a great answer to Elspeth, Sun's Champion. Some of your cards like Chalice of the Void are very good, while others like Blood Moon do very little.

Thanks for reading,

Seth Manfield