There are definitely some cards from Journey into Nyx that will make an impact on Standard. In many cases this means making an existing deck better, but there are times when new archetypes can be formed as well. I think that the red aggressive decks actually gained the most from Journey into Nyx. I am going to talk about some decks I have been updating but they are not finished products so I won't be posting any sideboards.

I want to start by looking into blue/red, as with both the new scry land and the new god there are plenty of new tools that the color combination has to work with. Keranos, God of Storms is a card that can be used in many different shells, whether it is control, aggro, or burn. I have been brewing a little bit of a different take on Red Aggro splashing Keranos, God of Storms.


Okay I know that Flamespeaker Adept has not seen a lot of love in Standard yet, but he certainly works well with Titan's Strength, Magma Jet, and scry lands. It is possible that you want an additional way to scry to make him even better, but I wasn't sure what that would be. Thassa, God of the Sea would be good except there is no way to turn her on. Flamespeaker Adept is generally a 4/3 first strike for three mana, which is pretty good! It is also nice if your opponent makes a bad block, as there is plenty of blowout potential with Titan's Strength and Magma Jet.

Keranos, God of Storms works well with scry because being able to set up your top card makes it more likely that you will be getting the Lightning Bolt effect every turn. Being able to deal three damage a turn can close out games very quickly and it gives the deck some additional reach. Like most of the gods the idea isn't that you need Keranos, God of Storms to be a creature, it is just a nice bonus when it happens.

This happens to be one of the decks I think can make use of multiple Journey into Nyx cards. Eidolon of the Great Revel is one of those cards that the jury is still out on. So far I have liked it as it usually will hurt your opponent more than you, though almost all of your spells cost three or less. This is also a good spot for Prophetic Flamespeaker, as the card is just very good in general, and becomes nutty with Titan's Strength.

I have really liked having a number of off-color scry lands. The filtering is really nice, and so is having extra ways to help Flamespeaker Adept. When I have a Flamespeaker Adept in hand I will hold back as many scry lands as possible to make him better. Since there are only two blue cards in the deck right now having only eight blue sources has been fine so far. There are only two Mutavaults right now because of the mana requirements for Eidolon of the Great Revel mostly, though I could see this number being adjusted.

Another blue/red deck I have been working on works around Battlefield Thaumaturge. Battlefield Thaumaturge is one of my favorite cards in Journey into Nyx, and it is a card that allows for some pretty cool synergies. While the deck is still in its early stages I am going to post the list, as I think there are a number of nice ideas at work here.


This deck has a lot going on. The idea is that all of your creatures have a large impact on the game and work very well with the instants and sorceries. A lot of the time you can chain a number of instants and sorceries together which leads to some sort of card advantage.

There may be more ways to abuse Battlefield Thaumaturge, but this deck certainly has cards that are able to do so. I stumbled across Gridlock, and have actually really liked it. You can get a free card by using it on your Triton Fortune Hunter, and tapping your opponent's creatures becomes free with a Battlefield Thaumaturge in play.

Another card that works well with Battlefield Thaumaturge is Flames of the Firebrand. If you have a Battlefield Thaumaturge in play this card costs one mana a lot of the time. Having the ability to deal one to Triton Fortune Hunter is also another way to draw cards. Flames of the Fireband has always been a playable card in Standard so with all the synergy here it certainly should be included.

Turn // Burn is another card that becomes a lot better because of Battlefield Thaumaturge. When you fuse Turn // Burn targeting two different creatures it is only three mana. Remember just like all the other instants if your opponent plays a removal spell on Battlefield Thaumaturge you can respond by playing an instant targeting it to give it hexproof.

While Titan's Strength doesn't cost less because of Battlefield Thaumaturge I did decide to include it because of how good it is on the creatures. Having a critical mass of instants and sorceries is important for Young Pyromancer, as a lot of the time you can make a few tokens and they will be enough to win the game. Magma Jet often costs one mana, is just generally a good burn spell, and this is more of a midrange deck which makes being able to scry even more important.

Keranos, God of Storms was the last card I added to the deck. It does provide a powerful win condition, and is good with the scry cards. It may not be necessary but I wanted to have a good closer in the late game. It doesn't have much synergy with the instant and sorcery theme or Battlefield Thaumaturge though so if there is another card to replace it with I would be fine with that.

Other ideas for the deck include adding Goblin Electromancer or Guttersnipe and making the deck even more combo based. The issue is I'm not sure there are enough high casting cost instants and sorceries that you want to be playing. Another option is adding one drops to make the deck a bit more aggressive. There are certainly multiple ways the deck can go, and I am interested to see if this is an archetype that can be competitive in the current metagame.

There really are a number of ways to build a base-red deck, and I think this next version of monored is very powerful. There was already a monored deck that was good with Akroan Crusader, Dragon Mantle, and Madcap Skills before Journey into Nyx, and that deck seems to have gotten a lot better. Here is my version of Heroic Red.


This deck was already very explosive, and I think that it is currently the best version of monored that is out there. Now the deck has another one-drop heroic creature that works well with Madcap Skills and Dragon Mantle. Satyr Hoplite just adds another one-drop guy that is consistently two power or better. Madcap Skills is the most threatening card in this deck. If you go one-drop into Madcap Skills and your opponent has no immediate answer the game is generally over. The deck wins extremely quickly, so watch out for the nut draws.

This is a hyper aggressive strategy so it is the perfect spot for Eidolon of the Great Revel. When this card comes down and your opponent is already behind after you play a one-drop on turn one, the extra two damage per spell becomes that much more relevant. There is a lot of synergy here, and people who have played with the deck before know how good Akroan Crusader can actually be.

Watch out for Prophetic Flamespeaker. This card may be the most expensive card in the deck, but it can certainly win games by itself. I already mentioned the interaction with Titan's Strength, and it is even better with Madcap Skills or Dragon Mantle. With any of these cards Prophetic Flamespeaker is gamebreaking, and oftentimes you can play whatever you reveal even if it is two spells, since all your cards cost one or two mana besides Prophetic Flamespeaker.

I expect this deck to quickly become one of the best performing decks in Standard. I do like the low land count as with Dragon Mantle four of the spells cantrip and the mana curve is so low. It is possible that the deck still wants Firefist Striker though I don't know what to cut for it.

Another spot I can see Prophetic Flamespeaker being good is in Gruul Aggro. Tom Ross has been championing this strategy, and I have updated the deck to fit my personal preferences, while adding the Journey into Nyx cards.


Burning-Tree Emissary isn't a weapon that red decks will have access to in standard for too much longer, and it is still one of those cards that provides very aggressive and explosive starts. While cards like Skylasher may seem unconventional Monoblue Devotion has been seeing more play recently, and it is one of the best cards to play off a Burning-Tree Emissary.

I think that two color aggro decks do want access to Mana Confluence to help smooth out the mana. If you have to take a few extra damage to be able to ensure you can cast your spells, in this type of deck I think that it's worth it. I don't think this deck wants the full four, but two seems fine. As the format continues to evolve it will become clear if playing Mana Confluence in this sort of deck is correct.

I know I have been talking a lot about Prophetic Flamespeaker but the card really is that good. This deck does have a lot of three drops as it runs Fanatic of Xenagos as well. If I had to cut some number of threes I would shave a couple Fanatic of Xenagos, though the card is good for a lot of the same reasons as Prophetic Flamespeaker. Casting Titan's Strength on Fanatic of Xenagos is always a pretty sweet feeling.

Ghor-Clan Rampager provides yet another way to abuse Prophetic Flamespeaker. Ghor-Clan Rampager is good right now, and it makes the deck tick. One of the major downsides before was that sometimes you wouldn't have green mana for bloodrush, and Ghor-Clan Rampager has never interacted particularly well with Burning-Tree Emissary. Now with Mana Confluence in the deck it becomes more likely you will be able to bloodrush.

Thanks for reading!
Seth Manfield