Next week's an important one in the Yu-Gi-Oh world, with the North American release of Eternity Code coupled with a potential Forbidden & Limited List update. Rather than talk about which cards should be sent to the shadow realm (cough cough, Crystron Halqifibrax, cough), today's video focuses on how Konami could make a balanced competitive environment, with lots of playable decks, by removing cards from the F&L list.

Could it finally be time to bring ABC-Dragon Buster, Sky Striker Ace - Roze and even Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King back into the game to defeat the 'Quarantine Combos' and bring balance to the format? Leon argues why those decks should make a comeback.

Whether we see major shake-ups to the F&L list or not, Summer 2020's definitely shaping up to be an interesting format. If you think these cards should stay locked away, or if you feel like even more cards should have their freedom, make sure to let Leon know in the comments. And remember: it's never okay to play True Draco.