I'm super excited to get straight to the deck today. Maybe I'm just excitedto play a Kaiju-proof monster, but either way, let's listen to what today'scontributor from the Cheese State has to say about his strategy.

Hey Loukas!

For the longest time, the Cyberse cards have been catching my eye,but I always had a hard time building a cohesive strategy withthem. It wasn't until the Lair of Darkness Structure Deck that Iwas able to find any traction, but the final pieces to the puzzlewere the spicy new cards: Prompthorn and Protron. Normally, tradinga weird techno-rabbit for a weak normal monster seems unimpressive,but what if a giant, unbeatable dragon crawls out of the Graveyardevery time you do? That's cool!

Speaking of all that, the other aspect to this Deck is theinteraction between RAM Clouder and Lair of Darkness. Tribute anopponent's monster to revive a monster? That rattles my jimmies.The last card I want to talk about is Space Insulator in the ExtraDeck. It's really played as a stepping stone to higher links, butonce it's in the Graveyard, it's easy food for Diabolos to takecards out of your opponent's hand.

I hope this excites you as much as it does me!

-Andrew S. ~ Winneconne, WI

I've been to Winneconne, and all I can say is that there's this one housethat has some of the strangest features I've ever seen. For example,there's a rotary phone (broken) that's built into a nook in the livingroom; literally a labyrinth in the basement; and the decoration outside isfour giant rocks in a wheelbarrow.

Yes, that was intentional.

Moving on, let's take a look at the deck.

DECKID=108735I can tell you with almost 100% certainty that any Dark attribute deck thatcomes into my inbox will pique my interest. I may not touch them all, butbasically any deck except the Beetron-spam deck with only oneBeetron in it could be featured.

Seriously. Anything but that one.

Tribute Them Cyberse
Cyberse monsters may be only number about 50 strong, but I think themonster type has a Bright Future ahead of itself. In the same way thatPsychics and Wyrm-types have almost become sustainable themes in and ofthemselves, Cyberse are effectively a self-contained archetype. You canleverage Cyberse monsters in other decks, but there are enough Cybersemonsters where that nomenclature alone is sufficient to describe astrategy.

Cyberse monsters were ushered in alongside Link Monsters, and thanks to theversatility of Links the Cyberse are quite versatile as well. I've beengeeking out about Structure Deck Lair of Darkness notjust for its nifty reprints, but the possibilities offered by so many ofthe cards. I know there's a Ninja deck brewing in my mind with some of thatnew material, as well as a mash-up of a certain Light-Attribute Dragon-typetheme…

Plain and simple, Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair is the reasonLair of Darkness is so neat. The second effect to pick off youropponent's cards is useful, but the recursion is stupendous, and I stillfeel like I'm underselling the card. When you tribute a Dark monster,you'll get a Level 8 behemoth from your graveyard for the low price of…well, performing the action of tributing that monster.

Ahrima, the Wicked Warden's the first card that comes to mind since you cantribute it to draw a card and then bring back Darkest Diabolos. Yeah,that's the end. No big combo, nothing fancy, just a giant monster from yourgraveyard for free. You can go further and tribute other monsters andsearch even better cards from your deck, but the base case in Evaluatingthe mash-up is already congruent.

RAM Clouder and Prompthorn take that a step further. I don't want to callit simplistic, but by simply using your own cards' effects you'll get afree Darkest Diabolos from the graveyard. RAM Cloudia and Prompthorn arealready netting you other monsters on the field, then whoops, you have agiant Dragon too.

That's the beauty of the synergy between your Lord of the Lair and theCyberse family. Cyberse monsters - between Balancer Lord, Backup Secretary,Dotscaper and others - live to do nothing more than field more Cybersemonsters for Link Summons.

While I like the interaction between Gold Sarcophagus and Balancer Lord,I'm always going to be partial to Giant Rex. I'm adding a third GoldSarcophagus, so in terms of probability and card economy, Giant Rex is oneof the easiest translations of fielding a monster. No hard combos tomemorize there - just free field presence.

Keep It Simple
I'm a little biased when it comes to my favorite cards, but I try not topunish you readers by subjecting you to absolutely awful ideas. Don'tworry, even I'm not silly enough to suggest that Ice Barrier OTKis viable. One card I really like is Salvagent Driver. While it may take aBalancer Lord additional Summon or Monster Reborn to field, I think turningyour extra spells in hand into yarded monsters has a lot of potential.

When you're trying to start as consistently as possible, it's obviousyou'll come close to – or actually max out on – certain starter cards.Since a lot of the deck hinges around Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lairand Lair of Darkness, you're forced to run multiple copies of cards you'dreally rather not see in duplicate.

Between Ahrima, the Wicked Warden, Terraforming, and Lair of Darknessitself, you have a high chance of seeing your Field Spell early on, butadditional copies are almost beyond worthless. Calling them superfluous isan insult to the word 'superfluous' itself, so to mitigate that, SalvagentDriver's getting help by taking out a Lair of Darkness, actually. I wouldremove Terraforming, but since Dragon Ravine can be searched, that'sprobably the way to go.

And while I'm not in love with paying tons of points, Destrudo the LostDragon's Frisson is another "free" monster for Link Summons. If you'vealready yarded Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair and still want to get themost use out of Dragon Ravine, Destrudo might be your best bet to field anextra monster for the turn.

While Andrew only included Degrade Buster as a "boss" Cyberse monster, I'dargue that Dual Assembwurm is better since it can be summoned from yourgraveyard as well. Since I'm already leveraging some niche cards, I don'tthink that either would make the final cut. I'd rather focus on moreconsistent ways to field additional monsters instead of spot removal.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of Cyberse monsters with adiversified skill set. Obviously the monster-type hasn't covered everythingthat a monster could do, but between additional Normal Summons, tributingmonsters, self-revival from the graveyard, Special Summons straight fromthe deck… the mechanics go on and on for options.

Backup Operator is a Cyberse-flavored Genex Ally Birdman that also gets theadded benefits of being a Cyberse monster. It's not revolutionary, but theadded trick in your playbook to reuse monsters from the field is prettyawesome, especially when things like Balancer Lord ensures you'll stillhave plenty of ways to field the monsters from your hand. It'd be nice touse ROM Cloudia twice per turn, no?

I really like how the deck gels together, so the following changes aren'tan overhaul as much as they are considerations for a different way to buildthe deck. Here are the changes:

-1 Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair
-1 Degrade Buster
-1 Launcher Commander
-1 White Dragon Wyverburster
-1 Lair of Darkness

-1 Flame Administrator

+1 Backup Operator
+1 Giant Rex
+1 Salvagent Driver
+1 Gold Sarcophagus
+1 Monster Reborn

+1 Bujinki Amaterasu

Here's the final list…

DECKID=108736There are some surprisingly good Extra Deck monsters I often seem to forgetabout. While Space Insulator's normally a hot pile of garbage in myopinion, you can use it for fodder with Darkest Diabolos to ruin youropponent's day. It's also quite satisfying to dothat, but being an actual quality move might take precedence overjust giving someone major badfeels.

Just remember: beat your opponents before they beat you.

-Loukas Peterson

Loukas Peterson lives in Nashville, Tennessee where it's warmer thanwarm, whatever that means. When he's not submitting ideas for Fabledsupport and a Fabled Link monster, you can find making "attempts" at"art" and playing his ukulele terribly, or on Wednesday nights, hangingout with the local mice. Hailed as the only person capable of cookingMinute Rice in 56 seconds, Loukas is always looking at expanding hisapartment to house every dog in the world.

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