Kuriboh's one of those cards that's universally liked all across the farreaches of Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom. Considering the Kuriboh cards are some of thecutest in the game, and their effects are mostly harmless, how could youhate them?

If someone stopped you from dealing lethal damage by discarding Kuriboh,how mad could you actually be?

If that does upset you, maybe you need some happiness in your life. See theworld, meet new people, play a Kuriboh deck, meditate… all that stuffyou're supposed to do in your twenties. Today's contributor is on top ofall of that, writing us from London, England.

Hey man! I hope you're as excited about this deck as I am. Drumroll please… it's Kuriboh! Way back when Yugi was first playingthese cards he only had two Kuriboh cards to use, but now we havealmost twenty! Every new era will bring new Kuriboh cards, so Ialways keep this deck on hand so I can try new additions.

Kuriboh decks got better thanks to Master Rule 4. You can't saythat about most strategies, but it's true! Multiply becomes a totalMVP, and it's my favorite Kuriboh card because of sheer number ofmonsters it gives you. Throw in a Link Spider, and suddenly you canstart the ball rolling. Speaking of balls and rolling, Mystic Piperdoes just that, helping me draw into my best monsters sooner!

-Omar I. ~ London, England

Kuriboh decks are fun, ya know? Thanks to Kuribohrn, you couldsummon back all your Kuriboh monsters as defensive shields, and if theysurvive, you can use them as resources in the following turns!

Check out Omar's initial build.

DECKID=108692Don't worry - I know I have a strange affinity for Ghostricks, but that'snot the direction I'm going to take this deck in. No amount ofGhostrick Spectre could make me change my mind today!

Super Duper Fuzzy Wuzzy
The biggest problem facing Kuriboh decks is the high volume of Kuribohcards they need to play, which are really just fodder for half of yourKuriboh cards. We really need to throw that out there before we move on –it's important to acknowledge.

Without getting into the annoying math of it, if you have a 40 card deckrevolving around one central combo, you'll want somewhere between 11 to 14cards that can start your core play. That way, you're virtually guaranteedto get your plan off the ground consistently. To some extent, a NormalSummon can be Plan A.

So in today's Kuriboh deck, you can see there aren't lots of cards drivingthis thing forward on Turn 1. Mystic Piper's a nice touch for Kuriboh decksbecause a recursive Mystic Piper can mean an extra free card each turn, buttake a look at the rest of the deck. If you go first, what's your idealplan as represented by a single card? What else is there outside of playingMystic Piper or activating Pot of Duality?

The answer is "not much", so the first change we have to make is to addmore options so you can do more than pass when you win the die roll. Sure,you can make some Rank 1 Xyz thanks to The Flute of Summoning Kuriboh andwhatever Kuriboh monster's in your hand, but… yeah that's not exactlyexciting.

Instead, turn your attention to Kuribandit! Even though it's nottechnically a "Kuriboh" card and it's a mismatching Level 3, half of yourKuriboh cards want to be in the graveyard, and Kuribandit helps you getthem there. Clearly Kuriboh and Kuribohrn exist to be used from thegraveyard, while Rainbow Kuriboh is a free stoppage when yarded, and youneed Kuriboh monsters in the graveyard to capitalize on thoseaforementioned monsters' effects.


Speaking of The Flute of Summoning Kuriboh, it's rare that you ever have achance to use Where Arf Thou? without incurring its penalty. You shouldreally take advantage of it whenever you can by searching Mystic Piper orKinka-Byo. Worst case scenario, you could search something like EffectVeiler to stop your opponent in their tracks, or sometimes search EvilThorn.

Evil Thorn hasn't seen much competitive play, but it's well worth thehassle of running multiple copies, if you can even call that a hassle. It'sa 1-card Rank 1 Xyz Monster, namely Sylvan Princessprite. Funny enough, youcould use The Flute of Summoning Kuriboh to bring out Kuriboh, NormalSummon Evil Thorn to net two more copies, and make Sylvan Princesspritewith a Thorn and Kuriboh. You could then send the second Thorn away torevive a fallen Sylvan Princessprite, and from there you have an instantNumber F0: Utopic Future.

You don't need to cram your deck with amazing cards for Turn 1, but it ISnice to have more plans than none.

Death Via Cuteness? Not A Bad Way To Go
I'm not neglecting the rest of the deck when I push for better Turn 1plays, but I'm saying you need to realize that Multiply plus Kuriboh isn'tthe only good combo you've got going here.

That being said, those two cards right there almost make Saryuja SkullDread on their own. If you revive Kuriboh with Kinka-Byo, scatter out yourTokens with Multiply, then summon Linkuriboh and Link Spider, you have theingredients for Saryuja at your fingertips. Any deck that leverages… how doI say… "lesser cards" will benefit heavily from the refuelling of Saryuja'seffect. On top of that, you can summon something from your hand to push formore damage as well; it's a good starting point if nothing else.

And while the Kuriboh monsters are inherently defensive more thanaggressive, that doesn't force you to overcompensate with offensivefirepower. Running three copies of Chaos Sorcerer and Black LusterSoldier - Envoy of the Beginning is overkill to the highest degree. It maysound crazy, but I think two copies of Envoy of the Beginning is goodenough. You don't want to draw dead cards early on, and with RainbowKuriboh, Clear Kuriboh, and Kuribohrn flying out of your graveyard at thespeed of light, you'd need to go to some lengths to keep them yarded foryour Chaos monsters.

And if you keep them in the graveyard, you're not using them to the fullestextent of their power; those cards can do a lot more than act as fodder forChaos summons. You have much better options if all you want in life areLight and Dark monsters in your graveyard, so some cuts are necessary inthe Chaos lineup.


Just as I don't want to lean too much on the boss monsters, it's notappropriate to force the deck into the role of a pure Mystic Piper strategyeither. Piper's nothing more than an enabler for a grander strategy here,so Guiding Light needs to go too. Kinka-Byo already fills the role thatGuiding Light can and then some, and it's already a struggle forme to keep so many copies of Kinka-Byo in the build.

Thanks to a few niche cards, you can leverage some stuff here that'srelatively hard to abuse. Since sometimes an Xyz Monster may be nothingmore than fodder for Number F0: Utopic Future, you'd try to get use out ofit by drawing a free card from Sylvan Princessprite. But why not alsosearch a hand trap? Lyrilusc - Recital Starling gets D.D. Crow straightfrom the deck, which is a good way to thwart your opponent.

I did consider Instant Fusion and Thousand Eyes Restrict, but to make themost of it, I needed to play multiple copies of Instant Fusion and likewiseconsume Extra Deck space. While it's certainly something to consider, Iwanted to capitalize on Multiply and other Kuriboh-centric cards whenyou're going full Kuriboh ahead.

As cute as the on-theme Kuriboh cards can be, don't trick yourself bysaying Berserker Crush is the pinnacle of power. One copy of that andDetonate make the cut for those rare situations, but in Detonate's defense,you can destroy spells, traps, and monsters - something that a single TwinTwisters or Raigeki couldn't do.

Without further ado, here are the changes:

-3 Chaos Sorcerer
-1 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
-2 Guiding Light
-1 Winged Kuriboh
-2 Sphere Kuriboh
-3 Pot of Duality
-2 Detonate

-1 Link Spider
-1 Ghostrick Dullahan
-1 Firewall Dragon
-1 Linkuriboh
-1 Slacker Magician
-1 Mira the Star-Bearer
-1 Number 39: Utopia Roots

+1 Mystic Piper
+3 Evil Thorn
+2 Effect Veiler
+1 Clear Kuriboh
+3 Kuribandit
+1 D.D. Crow
+2 Where Arf Thou?
+1 One for One

+1 Lyrilusc - Recital Starling
+1 Sylvan Princessprite
+1 Number F0: Utopic Future
+1 Number 54: Lion Heart
+1 Akashic Magician
+1 Masterking Archfiend
+1 Tri-Gate Wizard

I'd like to max out on Kuribohrn, Winged Kuriboh and the like, but thatjust means drawing more dead hands with more of those cards in them. If Ihad nine copies of That Grass Looks Greener things might look a little up.

DECKID=108693Personally, I'd love it if a new Kuriboh card was created that sent Kuribohmonsters to the graveyard while also adding other Kuriboh monster to yourhand, but I'm not sure if Kuriboh decks will ever get the support theyreally need. You'll find that Number F0: Utopic Future quickly becomes yourbest friend here, so make use of that as much as you can!

Just remember: beat your opponents before they beat you.

-Loukas Peterson

Loukas Peterson lives in Nashville, Tennessee where it's warmer thanwarm, whatever that means. When he's not submitting ideas for Fabledsupport and a Fabled Link monster, you can find making "attempts" at"art" and playing his ukulele terribly, or on Wednesday nights, hangingout with the local mice. Hailed as the only person capable of cookingMinute Rice in 56 seconds, Loukas is always looking at expanding hisapartment to house every dog in the world.

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