Now that Rescue Rabbit's finally come off the Forbidden andLimited List, I couldn't be happier. If you asked me how I felt aboutRescue Rabbit a few years ago I would have angrily barked back at what wasthen the ridiculously overpowered card, but times have changed.

Granted, we've come a long way in card design, so take Rescue Rabbit's moveoff the F&L list with a grain of salt no matter how you swing it. Thatsaid, today's contributor from Utah writes…

Let's get straight to the deck - Robo Rabbit. We have NormalMonsters of pretty much every type, and with three copies of RescueRabbit, you get a cheap Xyz Monster with virtually no downsides.How can you lose? I guess you could say a Kaiju monster could killyou, but an early Evolzar Laggia or a ton of free cards from GearGigant X is a win-win.

Plain ol' Dino Rabbit's a snooze fest, and as you've said before,Dino Rabbit was hardly more than an anti-meta deck at the peak ofits era. I'm not trying to bring back those days by any means, butwhen you start to go down the rabbit hole a bit, you'll see howdeep it goes, and how many different directions it explores.

So please chop up the deck!

-Carson W. ~ Salt Lake City, Utah

If the title didn't make it abundantly clear, this week I'm taking on RoboRabbit, a strategy that's quite pleasing to my eyes. The idea of mixing upMachine monsters and Rescue Rabbit is both promising and tremendouslyentertaining to me.

Check out Carson's list!

DECKID=107932I'd love for Konami to print a card titled Robo Rabbit, but I have no ideawhat the effect or lore would be behind the card. Ask me about that in ayear.

For now…

BLS Stands For "Big Lovable Samaritan"
My love for Robo Rabbit directly correlates to the Chaos monsters thestrategy lets you an Summon. Throw Light and Dark Machine monsters into themix and you'll have the perfect recipe for Chaos cards.

It's an easy win - and sure, the Earth monsters have merit with MissusRadiant creating synergy. But Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginningis still pretty much unparalleled in sheer power level. There aren't manymonsters that can hit the field and turn the tide of the game with such lowsummoning requirements. Many previous iterations of Robo Rabbit used BlackSalvo and made room for more Chaos monsters, but I think that two copies ofBlack Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning is plenty, meaning no ChaosSorcerer. That would take a more dedicated build.

So goodbye Inpachi and hello X-Head Cannon. I really wanted to throw aroundsome old school XYZ-Dragon Cannon ideas, but that's ridiculous even for me.Heck, I'm even staying away from ABC-Dragon Buster because it doesn't fitwith the theme of the deck. If Union Hangar could add X-Head Cannon to yourhand then maybe, but trying to keep the rest of the ABC strategy spellsdisaster.

#####CARDID= 11141 #####

Out go A-Assault Core, B-Buster Drake, and C-Crush Wyvern. Even as singlecopies, well, they serve virtually no purpose. You can pitch them withMachina Fortress and on top of that, well, I guess they're Level 4Machines? Yes, those are crickets you're hearing chirp in the background asliterally no one is amazed.

For the Normal Monster suite, you'd have zero power plays if you didn'thave more ways to field monsters. After all, you are dealing witha handful of vanillas in the deck and they can spell disaster if you openwith too many. Unexpected Dai seems like a shoe in for the obvious reason:it puts a body on the board. Unless you're operating on the same behavioralpatterns as my caveman-like but non-Zeeff locals player named "Doug," youwon't open Rescue Rabbit every game; you'll need assistance to stringtogether some victories.

Quite A Brilliant Idea
Speaking of single cards that can put you really far in the black,Brilliant Fusion's an obvious candidate for this strategy. Yarding amonster isn't woefully important, but the free on-field food for a LinkSummon in tandem with the extra Normal Summon of Gem-Knight Seraphinitespeaks volumes. With Normal Monsters and Machina Gearframe(s) runningrampant, you'll need other options besides "Normal Summon a Machine -pass." That may have gotten a pass in, uh… 2004? But last time I checked itwas 2017.

And yes, Rescue Rabbit didn't come out until 2012 here in the TCG, butdon't think too hard about the joke. Move along.

I do like where the deck's coming from, so this is going to sound a bitbackwards: I really don't like Emerging Emergency Rescute Rescue. Ido love the card for its effect and art, but it's not exactly astellar play on Turn 1whether you go first or second. Especially in a decklike Dino Rabbit, where your power plays stem from Rescue Rabbitexplicitly. Throwing down a Gear Gigant X is always good, but having threedead cards in your deck for 95% of the game isn't worth it when the payoutis so low.

The trap lineup's pretty solid, but I have to suggest Twin Twisters asanother enabler for both your aggressive and defensive plays. As the formatdevelops a bit further we'll definitely see which cards will and won't begood calls against popular decks, but blowing up your opponent's spells andtraps at the cost of an in-hand Normal Monster is worth what you gain herein almost any case.

#####CARDID= 21604 #####

Lastly… sure, Tour Guide From the Underworld can turn into a Leviair theSea Dragon, but with the limitations of the Extra Deck Monster Zone, youdon't have the luxury of netting another Rescue Rabbit search like thisdeck once could. Back in the day, ripping a Tour Guide from the top of yourdeck could be the deciding factor in winning a game, but now its power isfar lower. Just check out the changes:

-1 Tour Guide From the Underworld
-3 Sangan
-3 Inpachi
-1 A-Assault Core
-1 B-Buster Drake
-1 C-Crush Wyvern
-1 Sabersaurus
-1 Machina Fortress
-3 Emerging Emergency Rescute Rescue
-2 Swing of Memories
-3 Double Summon
-3 Fossil Dig

-1 Evolzar Laggia
-1 Evolzar Dolkka
-1 Number 11: Big Eye
-1 ABC-Dragon Buster
-1 Decode Talker
-1 Link Spider
-1 Leviair the Sea Dragon

+2 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
+1 Maxx "C"
+2 Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring
+3 X-Head Cannon
+1 Gem-Knight Garnet
+1 Machina Megaform
+2 Faustian Bargain
+3 Brilliant Fusion
+1 Raigeki
+2 Twin Twisters
+3 Unexpected Dai

+1 Gem-Knight Seraphinite
+1 Abyss Dweller
+1 Diamond Dire Wolf
+1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer
+1 Tornado Dragon
+1 Number 39: Utopia
+1 Number S39: Utopia the Lightning

One of the biggest challenges in fine tuning this deck – and one that Iadmit Emerging Emergency Rescue Rescue could help with – isbalancing the slate of Normal Monsters and Rescue Rabbit. With two copiesof Sabersaurus and a Gem-Knight Garnet, you're going to be running nineNormal Monsters. Yes, nine.

Simply put, that's a lot of Normal Monsters. It's inevitable that you'regoing to draw some, so you'll have to play carefully to account for therisk of that happening; try and make the most of it.

After all those changes, here's the final deck!

DECKID=107933The only other change I didn't discuss was the addition of hand traps.

Not every deck needs them, but hand traps are the go-to techoption when you need to add some well measured power to your deck withoutrisking any conflicts with your general strategy. They're powerful, theypack a lot of utility, and they're really easy to plug in and out of moststrategies.

As for other possibilities, I don't see any need to add the Black Salvosand Synchro Monsters I mentioned earlier, but that's certainly a route youcould take. If you were looking for something different.

Just remember, beat your opponents before they beat you!

-Loukas Peterson

Loukas Peterson lives in Nashville, Tennessee where it's warmer thanwarm, whatever that means. When he's not trying to figure out his lifeor crying about the lack of Fabled support, you can find making"attempts" at "art" and playing his ukulele terribly, or on Thursdaynights, practicing punching the air for an upcoming contest. Hailed asthe only person capable of cooking Minute Rice in 57 seconds, Loukas isalways looking for another creative outlet and a dog to pet.

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