When I first saw this deck in my mailbox, my mind jumped to the old HAT deck – Hands, Artifacts and Traptrix. I don't think any strategy has used the Artifacts so well, even pure Artifacts – nowadays, the HAT legacy's so strong that it continues to bleed through into virtually any deck with Artifacts. Fortunately with this week's submission, we're getting something that's way less cookie cutter.

To my surprise, Artifact Moralltach was Limited months back instead of Artifact Sanctum. Whether that was the right move or not from a balance perspective, I think it's irrelevant now because both could sit at three without causing any problems in competition. That kind of sliding rationale tends to happen when more and more potent cards are released. One can dream for a day when both cards escape the List, but in the meantime we're tasked with figuring out how to pick up the pieces. Only so many copies of Call Of The Haunted and Oasis of Dragon Souls can fill the void left in my heart by Artifact Sanctum's Limiting.

Long time reader Jeremy B. from Hurst, Texas presented an Artifact strsategy in the same vein as so many before, while still managing some fun with other niche strategies. He writes.

For a long time, one of my favorite combos has been Kuraz the Light Monarch plus Call Of The Haunted or Oasis of Dragon Souls, effectively giving me six free Reckless Greeds. (For those of you who don't know, the play is to summon Kuraz in your opponent's End Phase with a revival trap, then use Kuraz's effect to pop both itself and the trap to draw two - Loukas).

After looking at ways to abuse Kuraz further, I came up with the idea to combine it with Artifacts. The deck essentially plays to get Kuraz in the graveyard, revive it on your opponent's turn with a revival trap, then pop either your Artifact cards or your Chicken Game. The lonely Thunderclap Skywolf's played as a psuedo-Raigeki on your opponent's turn. The copies of Ghost Ship, Cyber Dragon, and Ghost Ogre and Snow Rabbit are there for Rank 5's and Level 8 Synchros.

-Jeremy B. ~ Hurst, Texas

Turns out Jeremy wasn't talking about Kuribandit when he named the deck "Kurazifacts!" Kuraz the Light Monarch's one of the weirdest trade-offs in the game. By blowing up two cards, their controllers cards draw for each card destroyed.

Kuraz can act as a Dark Bribe for monsters, trading out whatever threat they gave you for another card, or as an awkward Hand Destruction for you, using cards from the field. Check out Jeremy's deck list below.

DECKID=103927The only application I've seen for this kind of Kuraz set-up in the past involved weird OTK-style decks. You could banish Kuraz the Light Monarch with Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade, revive it with D.D. Reincarnation and cycle through your cards to break even, and then hopefully burn your opponent to death… or something.

Let's just get to the deck already!

Two Losses In Card Economy Don't Make A Plus
You'll want to blaze through your deck with Kuraz the Light Monarch and your revival traps on your opponent's turn to break even. Once Kuraz is in the graveyard, you're free to cycle through your net +1 for card economy and eventually draw into enough Artifacts and support cards to make Level 8 Synchros and Rank 5 boss monsters.

Problem is, you'll need to actually get Kuraz into the graveyard to capitalize on it and draw all those cards. Jeremy tackled that problem with Upstart Goblin and Chicken Game to thin the deck, while Dawn Knight and Hand Destruction yarded Kuraz from his deck and hand, respectively. Chicken Game and Upstart Goblin meant he was effectively playing with a 34-card deck, so drawing into Kuraz or a Dawn Knight was hardly a problem.

But in the fast paced game of Yu-Gi-Oh, reactive strategies tend to falter. Even some of the best reactive decks of all time like Counter Fairies, Psy-Frames and Yang Zings have inherent problems winning – there's never a chance to play out of a bad situation when your biggest strength is "waiting for your opponent to do something." Dawn Knight's just way past its prime. Sitting on a set card in the hopes your opponent will trigger it only to get your own Call Of The Haunted going is too weak for current competition.


Despite the promise of all that low-cost card draw with Kuraz, I think Hand Destruction's another weak option that has better uses. I'd rather not hemorrhage card economy just to set up revival traps; there are other ways to accomplish the same goal without bleeding your resources, when the whole point of your strategy is to gain card advantage. If you're relying on Hand Destruction you're going to end up breaking even in the short term, and there are lots of better ways to reap a bunch of free cards than a Hand Destruction and Kuraz combo.

Kuribandit, thankfully, is still at three on our F&L list, and it plays sort of like Dawn Knight's brother that got off the couch and did something with its life. Kuribandit doesn't rely on your opponent triggering it, and the fuzzball get you a spell or trap while yarding cards. Yes, I know that it won't always hit a Kuraz, but I'm not just looking for a simple substitute for Hand Destruction. It's going to get a Little Dicey on Re-Routing today.

I Want The (Cardcar) D
I never like seeing my opponent play Cardcar D. I always panic, thinking "they're getting two cards? In my duel?" Add in Pot of Duality and the two cards dig deep into your deck without costing you any resources. That pair alongside Kuribandit provide a lot more consistency and longevity than what Jeremy started with, not to mention actually accruing card advantage instead of throwing it away.

You'll see a lot more of your deck this way, and you'll land yourself in a position to use a card I haven't played since Burning Abyss Monarchs – Escalation of the Monarchs! I don't have a lot of experience with the newer Monarch support , but I'm partial to the cards that have trickled their way to our shores in the last three years... and this may be the last chance we have to abuse Escalation. Some Monarch support's been amazing, like The Monarchs Stormforth and Mobius the Mega Monarch. On the flip side, we have The First Monarch and Granmarg the Mega Monarch on the outside looking in. Escalation of the Monarchs is a middle ground – it's a niche surprise factor that never made a competitive impact, but still has some potential.

But now, similar to how Call Of The Haunted and Oasis of Dragon Souls will throw your opponent off guard, Escalation gives you the chance to break your opponent's mojo with Kuraz, popping a few of their cards straight from your hand. Furthermore, it gives you an excuse to use Majesty's Fiend. It won't technically destroy your opponent's cards, but we all know how disgusting that card can be, especially when it comes out of nowhere.

Of course, there are other ways to play the Kuraz game. You can reasonably finagle Beckoning Light or Raigeki into the deck, but I really like how fun Escalation can be. The Artifacts, while technically workable with Escalation, rely a lot more on being summoned by other means. As long as it's your opponent's turn, you can torture them with the Artifacts, just not with Escalation. Artifact Failnaught, revival traps, Artifact Beagalltach, and Artifact Ignition do a great job of cycling and recycling your Artifacts, quickly getting out Moralltach and blowing up cards with its non-targeting effect tons of times every game.

Extra Deck?
Jeremy had several ways to dip into his Extra deck, but I think we need to streamline the Main Deck a bit so your hands aren't so dead. Ghost Ship's a cheap Level 5 to make powerhouses like Constellar Pleiades, while Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit makes Level 8 Synchro monsters or removes face-up threats. Cyber Dragon's useful for getting rid of Machine monsters, but since you need an empty field to Special Summon it I doubt you'll ever use it as Xyz Material. I found my hands clogged with too many of those cards, so I decided to put Cyber Dragon in the Side Deck; it's just too hard to use it for an Xyz.

Below are the changes I've made with Kuraz as the focus! Again, there are lots of ways this fix could've gone, but I wanted an excuse to crack out Escalation of the Monarchs.

-1 Artifact Scythe
-3 Dawn Knight
-3 Cyber Dragon
-1 Reinforcement of the Army
-3 Chicken Game
-2 Hand Destruction
-3 Upstart Goblin

-1 Artifact Durendal
-1 Wind-Up Arsenal Zenmaioh
-1 Crimson Blader
-1 Colossal Fighter
-1 Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree

+2 Artifact Failnaught
+3 Cardcar D
+3 Kuribandit
+2 Majesty's Fiend
+1 Artifact Ignition
+3 Pot of Duality
+2 Escalation of the Monarchs

+1 Baxia, Brightness of the Yang Zing
+1 Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend
+1 Stardust Dragon
+1 Constellar Pleiades
+1 Stellarknight Constellar Diamond

In fact, I'd debated using Brilliant Fusion to make Gem-Knight Seraphinite in this deck, but I think we're sick of seeing it in every single thing we write here at TCGplayer. If you want to experiment with it yourself you can simply take out a lone Pot of Duality, perhaps a single Kuraz, and the Escalations for three Brilliant Fusion and the cheapest Gem-Knight you can find. That way, you'll have another Level 5 monster! But I digress - here's the final version of the deck list.

DECKID=103928Artifacts have been a very splashable family of monsters throughout their run, and with only one Artifact Moralltach, you don't have to feel any guilt about breaking up your opponent's plays. Most of us have faced down Artifact Moralltach before, so you know that a well timed Artifact Sanctum can be incredibly annoying – use that to your advantage!

Just remember, beat your opponents before they beat you.

-Loukas Peterson

Loukas Peterson moved back to the cold and desolate North to fulfill his dream as a popsicle in Madison, Wisconsin. When he's not playing Spellbooks, his days are spent shaking his fist in the direction of Konami's North American headquarters requesting new Fabled support. In his spare time, Loukas enjoys cooking Minute Rice in 57 seconds, painting with all the colors of the wind and pretending his Etsy account is something to write home about. His favorite joke is "I play Evilswarm because I want to have fun!"

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