Now that we've all settled into the new Link format, I know I can't be the only one ready to really dig into the treasures that lie ahead. We only got three Link Monsters in Starter Deck: Link Strike, none of which were particularly earthshaking on their own. Yes, Decode Talker has its place but it doesn't facilitate combos and relies on a minimum of three monsters to achieve any sort of relevance. Link Spider? More like… uh… Stupid Spider.

Yeah, take that Konami.

But Code of the Duelist has a ton of Links, and even if none of them tickle your fancy at the moment, at least be happy that you'll have better stepping stones than Link Spider in your quest to throw down a flurry of Extra Deck threats. For me, Treasure Panda's one of the most fascinating cards in Code of the Duelist. Why? Because it spams the field without any real restrictions. You just banish spells and traps to Special Summon a monster from the deck with a corresponding level.

Seems like it has a lot of potential, right? This week's contributor from South Korea thinks so too...

Even though I'm living in South Korea for the time being, I'm moving back to the U.S. in September and have never given a thought to the OCG. I checked and Code of the Duelist has been released, so when I'm back a friend will have some cards waiting for me! I'm really excited about the Link format moving forward… even though I don't know what I'm doing with them now.

I really like Treasure Panda - I loved Indiana Jones as a kid, and this monsters brings the movies to life. There are a lot of cards that could be useful with it, but I'm not sure exactly what they are at the moment - I feel like we're missing something. Oh well - any ideas on how to make my deck a smidge better?

-Michael M. ~ Seoul, South Korea

For what it's worth, Michael's right about one thing - we don't exactly have hordes of good Link monsters, but if you fool around with some niche cards, there's definitely a strategy waiting.

DECKID=107796Oh, goodie, Ojamas. A certain someone once said the word "thongtastic" when referencing Ojamas and since then I've had several Ojama Yellow induced nightmares.

Emphasis on nightmares.

Make Sure To Shout "World Star" Before Playing It
Off the top of your head, you'll probably find very few low Level normal monsters on the verge of being deemed "broken." Mystic Shine Ball, Genex Controller, Phantasm Spiral Dragon… am I out of popular Normal Monsters yet? I digress, but cards like Treasure Panda have a bit of a weakness in that they force you to play Normal Monsters you wouldn't want to run otherwise. Treasure Panda's cost to actually summon a Normal monster is low, but the choices of what to bring out are slim.

I thought about two cards right away - Flamvell Dragon and Crowned by the World Chalice. Flamvell Dragon's a Level 1 Tuner and Crowned by the World Chalice is simply a World Chalice monster, opening the deck up to a solid third of the available Link monsters. Don't get me wrong, I love the Ojama cards… but I'd honestly rather just play cards that are useful outside of just specific combos. The Ojamas don't really open the door to any cool strategies; as my dad would say, "Quit thonging around."

While Treasure Panda's certainly my focal point for this deck fix, keep in mind we actually have to pair it with some functional strategy to make Treasure Panda useful in the long run. With Ojamas, you'll technically have spells and traps to banish for Panda's effect, but Ojamagic isn't useful outside of feeding your stream of Ojamas, which quite frankly get you nowhere.

In short, enter the World Chalice theme.

There are three World Chalice Normal Monsters that you can summon from your deck with Treasure Panda, but you also have several other World Chalice effect monsters that pack quite a punch, all with graveyard effects and abilities that work either from the hand or the field. World Chalice Guardragon, for example, is almost as free of a summon as you can get; you banish it from your graveyard to revive a Normal Monster. Lee the World Chalice Fairy is seemingly just as useful, snatching a copy of a World Chalice monster from your deck whenever you Summon it. Do you see where this is going?

Link monsters, unlike other Extra Deck monsters of the past, more or less just need a swarm body to hit the field. Yes, some take multiple monsters and have restrictions regarding specific Link Materials, but the beauty of accruing many monsters on the field and in your hand is that you can make bigger Link monsters with the lesser materials. Drown your field with monsters!

Make Mountains Out Of Normal Monsters
There just weren't many big threats in Michael's original submission – the Extra Deck didn't achieve much, and while it could field a small army of monsters, you didn't have anything to truly work for. Now with the World Chalice monsters, you can gobble up the horde of monsters on field to Link your way to bigger threats like Ningursu the World Chalice Warrior and Firewall Dragon.

I won't go through the painful process of reading every card to you ad nauseum, but as mentioned earlier, the cards you want to look at first are Lee the World Chalice Fairy and World Chalice Guardragon. Get familiar with those and you can see how your deck can accumulate card economy and produce threats. Link monsters consume your resources, but if you have a flurry of them at your disposal, you won't be pressed for space.

Back to Treasure Panda and the Dragon support. Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm paired with Dragon Shrine is a free monster, and the Shrine is food for Treasure Panda. In fact, the more blank cards you can add here, the more you'll get out of the Panda. Toon Table of Contents feeds three spells to the graveyard for Treasure Panda's effect, so you can summon either Crowned by the World Chalice or Chosen by the World Chalice on your first turn with Treasure Panda.

But for all their worth, one of the biggest uses for Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm and Treasure Panda is an inexpensive Daigusto Emeral. You'll burn through a heavy number of Link Monsters like Link Spider and Ib the World Chalice Priestess on your way to bigger Link monsters, so having some way to recycle them can be a lifesaver.

I'd like to keep Tri-Wight from Michael's original submission. While we won't have a million Ojamas to summon back from the graveyard, fielding three monsters in one go for a Link Summon can prove to be pretty great, especially if you revive multiple copies of Crowned by the World Chalice.


I have no problem falling back to Treasure Panda as a namesake since we're keeping the old elements of the deck and substituting the World Chalice cards for the Ojamas. Needless to say, one of those themes is infinitely better than the other. But if we ever get a Link Ojama monster, maybe my opinion on that will change.

-1 Blackwing - Gofu the Vague Shadow
-3 Ojama Black
-3 Ojama Yellow
-3 Ojama Green
-1 Terraforming
-2 Tri-Wight
-3 Ojama Country
-3 Ojamagic
-3 Ojama Delta Hurricane!!
-1 Dark Factory of Mass Production

-1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer
-1 Firewall Dragon
-3 Missus Radiant
-2 Gachi Gachi Gantetsu
-1 Decode Talker
-1 Daigusto Phoenix

+3 Crowned by the World Chalice
+2 Chosen by the World Chalice
+2 Beckoned by the World Chalice
+1 Flamvell Guard
+3 World Chalice Guardragon
+3 Lee the World Chalice Fairy
+1 World Legacy - World Chalice
+1 Cannon Soldier' rel=" Cannon Soldier">Toon Cannon Soldier
+2 World Legacy Discovery
+3 Toon Table of Contents
+1 Reinforcement of the Army
+1 World Legacy's Heart

+2 Daigusto Emeral
+2 Idmuk the World Chalice Dragon
+3 Ib the World Chalice Priestess
+1 Aurum the World Chalice Blademaster
+1 Ningursu the World Chalice Warrior

Building and testing this deck was the first time I ever felt like I got the hang of Link Summoning, since you can churn through half a dozen Links in one turn. If you're careful about the order in which Links hit the field, you can get really efficient with your Link Summons.

DECKID=107797Decode Talker comes in handy when you least expect it, since one of its Link Zones actually point to your opponent's side of the field. That's the beauty about Link monsters - they use Zones in really unique ways.

Can we circle back to Treasure Panda for a minute? I love the artwork and the explicit reference to Indiana Jones. I also feel it's appropriate for an ex-Ojama deck, since Ojama Yellow's literally being destroyed in the background.

Just remember, beat your opponents before they beat you!

-Loukas Peterson

Loukas Peterson lives in Nashville, Tennessee where it's warmer than warm, whatever that means. When he's not playing cards or crying about the lack of Fabled support, you can find him fruitlessly digging a hole to China, or on Thursday nights, practicing punching the air. Hailed as the only person capable of cooking Minute Rice in 57 seconds, Loukas is always looking for another creative outlet and a dog to pet.

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