Secret Slayers arrives Friday, and while it's got some stellar reprints the set's biggest attraction is definitely the three new themes. Paul got some early insight into the Rikka strategy thanks to an assist from Konami, and he's been working around the clock to puzzle out the search-heavy tribute theme.

What are the key plays to get the flowery fun started? Which powerful Plant cards are worth revisiting? And what other strategies could mix with the Rikka to create a deck that's greater than the sum of its parts? Hit the video, because Paul's got the answers.



Plant decks have an incredible base of support to draw from going back over a decade, so if you're going to play Rikka yourself, get ready for a trip down memory lane! If you're a newer competitor you're in for some fun, because you'll get to run some absolutely historic cards. Get ready, because it all kicks off when Secret Slayers goes legal on Friday.