The Signer Dragons from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's were a big departure from the ace monsters that came before them, and for one big reason: they were actually pretty good, especially for their time. For most duelists Stardust Dragon served as the introduction to Synchro Summoning, making an immediate impact and helping to fuel interest in the white bordered monsters.

But what was Stardust Dragon's long term impact? And how did the rest of the Signer Dragons fare over time? Those are some of the questions Doug tackles in today's featured video, as he takes a long look back at one of the most important eras of Dueling... with a competitive eye, instead of a nostalgic one.

What do YOU think? Which Dragons hit the mark and which ones were overhyped? Were you playing during the 5D's era? Let us know down in the comments.