It's finally Round 1 of the TCGplayer YGO Series, and we're kicking things off with an excellent match between a tested strategy and an Anti-Meta variant that aims to take it down. Caleb hails from West Virginia, bring with him his Tribute Stun deck. Michael White came all the way from Minnesota with his Shaddoll Artifact deck. Michael White recently came in first at the Maplewood Regional Qualifier using this very Shaddoll Artifact build. Caleb has several good records at various Regionals over the years with Frog Monarchs. He's here representing Team "Through the Decades" from Kentucky.

Michael won the die roll and opted to go first. He started off Normal Summoning Mathematician sending Shaddoll Squamata to the graveyard. Shaddoll Squamata's effect kicked in sending Shaddoll Falco to the graveyard, which then Special Summoned itself face-down. He set one back row and ended.

Cosby's hand was Vanity's Fiend, Forbidden Chalice, Forbidden Lance, March of the Monarchs, Caius the Shadow Monarch, and Royal Decree. He sighed, set Decree, Lance, and Chalice and passed.

White kicked off his turn by Flip Summoning Shaddoll Falco. Caleb chained Forbidden Chalice to stop the Shaddoll Falco's effect from resolving. Michael activated Shaddoll Fusion sending Shaddoll Dragon and Artifact Moralltach to the graveyard to Special Summon El Shaddoll Construct, which sent Shaddoll Squamata to the graveyard. Dragon popped Cosby's Royal Decree, and Shaddoll Squamata sent Shaddoll Hedgehog to add Shaddoll Beast to his hand. He entered the Battle Phase and attacked for a total of 5300 damage. In Main Phase 2 he Tribute Set a monster Tributing El Shaddoll Construct and set a backrow.

Cosby drew Soul Exchange. He thought for a moment, then activated March of the Monarchs. He then used Soul Exchange to target the face-down on White's field. Sinister Shadow Games was flipped in response, sending Shaddoll Dragon to the graveyard. Dragon targeted the face-down Forbidden Lance (which was chained to target Mathematician), and Shaddoll Beast was flipped face-up! It allowed White to draw two cards, and then he discarded a Vanity's Emptiness. Cosby Tribute Summoned Vanity's Fiend and passed.

White drew, and then opted on crashing Mathematician into Vanity's Fiend. He drew a card. In Main Phase 2 he switched tributed Shaddoll Falco for a face-down and set a backrow.

Cosby drew Forbidden Lance. He entered the Battle Phase and attacked over an Artifart Moralltach. He set Lance.

White set a backrow passed.

Cosby drew Caius, and Vanity's Fiend attacked directly.

White set a card and passed.

Cosby drew Fiend's Sanctuary. He attacked directly with Vanity's Fiend yet again. He set Sanctuary and passed.

White drew and activated The Monarchs Stormforth. Caleb chained Forbidden Lance, and White scooped his cards up!

White chose to go first for Game 2. He set a monster and three spell or trap cards.

Cosby opened with two Royal Decree, Upstart Goblin, two Vanity's Fiend, and Fiend's Sanctuary. He activated Upstart Goblin to draw Soul Exchange. He thought for a moment and then used Soul Exchange. White had no response, and Shaddoll Squamata was tributed for Vanity's Fiend. Cosby set three cards and passed. In the End Phase White flipped up Sinister Shadow Games to send Shaddoll Squamata to the graveyard. It sent Shaddoll Hedgehog to the grave, which then added Shaddoll Dragon to his hand.

White drew to three cards in hand, and set a monster and passed. In the End Phase Cosby activated his Royal Decree.

Cosby drew The Monarchs Stormforth, and activated it in the Standby Phase. He Tributed Shaddoll Dragon and down came another Vanity's Fiend! Both attacked directly and play passed to White.

White set a monster and a backrow.

Cosby drew Pot of Duality, revealing Majesty's Fiend, Forbidden Lance, and Upstart Goblin. He took Majesty's Fiend. He then Tribute Summoned it using one of the Vanity's Fiends. Vanity's Fiend attacked over a face-down Shaddoll Falco, and then poked for 2400 damage with Majesty's Fiend.

White drew a card and realized he was completely locked out of the game. He revealed his hand of Shaddoll Falco and Artifact Moralltach and offered Cosby the handshake!

And just like that it's over! Caleb Cosby opens a pretty rough hand in Game 1, but goes on to dominate the rest of the match. He brought a deck designed to beat Burning Abyss and Shaddolls, and I wouldn't be surprised if we see more of him later this weekend.

-Doug Zeeff