We're just entering Round 9 of Day 1 in the TCGplayer YGO Series $10k Championship, and the top tables are pretty much what you'd expect: lots of Burning Abyss and Shaddolls.

However, there are tons of individual tech picks like De-Fusion, Back to Square One, and Main Decked Tribute Monsters, so it'll be awesome to see what little innovations make it to the final rounds. There's two more Rounds of Swiss competition tomorrow followed by a cut to Top 16, so make sure to check back bright and early for more coverage!

Table 1: James Frazier (Burning Abyss) vs Jordan Winters (Burning Abyss)

Table 2: Jeff Jones (50-card Shaddoll Artifact) vs Scott Sheahan (Burning Abyss)

Table 3: Parker Roberson (Chaos Shaddolls) vs Desmond Johnson (Shaddolls)

Table 4: Cody Burns (Burning Abyss) vs Wesley Johnson (Burning Abyss w/ Skill Drain)

Table 5: Alex Vansant (Burning Abyss) vs Dirk Wagner (Burning Abyss)

Table 6: Shijing Yang (Chaos Shaddolls) vs Patrick Hoban (Chaos Shaddolls)

Table 7: Marcus Hayden (Shaddolls) vs Maximillian Reynolds (50-card Shaddolls)

Table 8: Michael White (Shaddoll Artifact) vs Ryne Hanson (Burning Abyss)

Table 9: Zachary Leverett (Burning Abyss) vs Caleb Cosby (Tribute Stun)

Table 10: Spencer Freeman (Shaddoll Artifact) vs Chester Henson (Chaos Shaddolls)

- Doug Zeeff