With nearly 20 years of Yu-Gi-Oh cards, we've all had at least Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon. That one card that stumps us so many times we inevitably leave it on the shelf rather than look dumb trying to play it.

Lucky for you, you've got Leon (and his team of judge-consultants) to not only answer your questions, but also break down the rules of important cards and offer advice on how to improve your play! Today, TheCaliEffect covers missing timing with Parallel eXceed, whether or not Magicians' Souls 'pops', and how to keep Nibiru, the Primal Being in hand with Orcust Knightmare. He also covers the most important question of all regarding his own secret origin.

Did Leon cover your questions this month? If not, be sure to comment on this month's videos with your burning questions and maybe you could get answers from the King of Games himself!