The new format begins Wednesday, and you need to know where to start! Whether you want to go it rogue in the era of Master Rule 5, or you want to lean hard into the biggest strategies right off the bat, you'll need to know what to expect. That means you'll need strong reads on the top decks of the format, and that's where Sam's got you covered today.

Where do Pendulums stand with Electrumite gone, but Selene, Queen of the Master Magicians in the mix? How about established hits like Salamangreats, Dinosaurs and Shadolls? And what about left-field picks like Zoodiacs, Water and Different Dimension Demons? Hit the video to see the answers to those questions and more, as Sam delivers his top picks and his honorable mentions.





If you're looking for a possible rogue pick yourself, Kelly put out an awesome How To Play guide for Cyber Dragons ready for the new format, so check it out!