Seb McKinnon, illustrator of the art of over 100 different Magic: The Gathering cards and a prolific fantasy artist and director, is getting his own Secret Lair drop! On November 30th, Secret Lair will be releasing another drop series, which includes this new collection. The drop, called Art Series: Seb McKinnon, will run from then until December 14th.


With so many card art illustrations to his name, Seb McKinnon has become a fan favorite for many Magic players. His collaboration with Magic: The Gathering began in the Return To Ravnica block, where his first works to see print on cards were Growing Ranks, Hussar Patrol, and Vandalblast. McKinnon was also commissioned for art in Gatecrash, Dragon's Maze, the first Theros block, Khans of Tarkir block, Magic Origins, and so on.

Some of his more notable credits include the art for the following cards: Topplegeist from Shadows Over Innistrad, Animatou, the Fateshifter from the Commander 2018 preconstructed decks, Deathsprout from War of the Spark, Archfiend of Ifnir from Amonkhet, and Scheming Symmetry from Core Set 2020. He's even had the privilege of illustrating a pair of silver-bordered cards from Unstable—Infinity Elemental and the Legion of Dastardly Doom's version of Secret Base. Clearly McKinnon's repertoire is both impressive and expansive.

Fans of his artistry have been quite vocal about requesting that he continue producing illustrations for the game. Back during last year's Throne of Eldraine, many players seemed shocked when only one Seb McKinnon illustration, the showcase art for Order of Midnight, showed up among cards in the set. Order of Midnight was not a particularly strong or iconic card, and that, combined with the fact that it was only collectible in a showcase frame (and thus rarer than its normal-framed counterpart), turned a few McKinnon fans' heads in a negative way. However, this gave them reason to be even more vocal about getting McKinnon's art on more cards. Wizards of the Coast has clearly taken note.

Since Throne of Eldraine, Seb McKinnon has illustrated quite a few new cards, including the Mythos cycle and Essence Scatter from Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths. His most recent art pieces to see print include Promise of Tomorrow and the reprint of Cuombajj Witches in Commander Legends. Cuombajj Witches, in particular, has been greatly anticipated since the art's unveiling on Magic Online a few years ago.

At any rate, the new Secret Lair drop featuring McKinnon's art will contain four cards: Damnation, Enchanted Evening, Sower of Temptation, and a Swamp. The reprint of Damnation alone means that Art Series: Seb McKinnon currently holds a high expected value—the rest is just gravy.

Because this drop, like all Secret Lairs, is limited in scope of release, these cards are also not likely expected to go down in price once players receive them in the mail. Will the added name of Seb McKinnon affect the price of these more than the power level of these cards already does? We will have to wait and see.