The craziness of last week's stimulus-fueled orgy of card buying relaxed over the last few days, as players began to examine the results from the Remote Duel Invitational Qualifiers.

The RDIQs this weekend were, on one hand, a huge victory for Dragon Link. The Group A and Group B tournaments, seemingly divided into West Coast and East Coast divisions, each awarded eight invitations to the Remote Duel Invitational next month. Sixteen of those invites went to Dragon Link players. You can see all the Top Cut lists for Group A and Group B here on Infinite.

On the other hand, the remaining ten invites went to ten unique decks, everything from Tri-Brigade, Dinosaurs, and Virtual World, to Gren Maju OTK, Stun, and a Burning Abyss deck that took a 1st Place finish. And while we saw huge interest in Dragon Link Staples in this week's Top 10, we also saw strong demand for cards expressly played in other strategies. With that split in mind, here are the Top 10 best-selling cards on TCGplayer this week.

#10 Borreload Savage Dragon

Dragon Link's the biggest deck of the format, anchored by the negation power of Borreload Savage Dragon. The Prismatic Secret Rare version's under 20 dollars right now, which feels like a steal if you remember the days when the Savage Strike original reached an all-time high of 96 dollars back in June.

#9 Arc Rebellion Xyz Dragon

I'm not entirely sure what pushed Arc Rebellion Xyz Dragon into the Top 10 this week. There's certainly a lot of hype for Burning Abyss and Phantom Knights this format, and Julio Mendoza did play Arc Rebellion Xyz Dragon in the PK deck he piloted at the latest North Am Remote Duel Invitational.

That wasn't a great event for Mendoza, but he won the RDI Qualifier that got him to the Invitational in the first place, running Raider's Knight to cheat Arc Rebellion Xyz Dragon into play, and keep it there, thanks to its effect. It'll be interesting to see if that strategy can top again, in something like the Remote Duel Extravaganza this weekend.

#8 Striker Dragon

No surprise here - every Dragon Link deck under the sun runs three copies of Striker Dragon, and given the run on Dragon Link cards last week, it's kind of surprising it didn't make the Top 10 then. The Ultra Rare's about seven bucks right now, and with the RDI Qualifiers cementing the deck's position in the first weeks of the new format, the demand was huge. For perspective, Striker Dragon doubled in price over the last two weeks.

#7 Knightmare Phoenix

If you're not playing Dragon Link, there's a good chance your deck runs Knightmare Phoenix; we saw it top in decks like Dinosaurs, Eldlich, and Gren Maju this past weekend, and it's a staple for Drytron, Phantom Knights, and other decks we might see at the Extravaganza tomorrow. Knightmare Phoenix features in so many different decks that it's essentially a must-own for any competitive player, and the Genesis Impact reprint is dirt cheap.

#6 Armed Dragon Thunder LV7

Armed Dragon Thunder cards were met with more love than most would've guessed back when Blazing Vortex dropped, and that enthusiasm was rekindled last week when Robbie Kohl, YugiTuber Mkohl40, covered an innovative build from Josh Thomas that played triple Dragon's Bind, of all things. That deck iterated on competitive-minded builds we'd seen before, running the Artillery Catapult Turtle engine plus double Armed Dragon LV10 White, and it looks like it made an impact.

#5 Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay

The number one piece of regret I heard coming out of the RDI Qualifiers this past weekend was, "I wish I'd played Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay." Five of the six Dragon Link players who landed their invites played this card, and so did Top 4 finisher Ethan Lin, the one lone Eldlich player who won an invitation (and with a strong Top 4 finish).

Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay (Alternate Art) used to be a much more expensive card, but the Maximum Gold Alternate Art version can be had for 2 or 3 bucks a pop, and that made it a huge pick this week.

#4 Raigeki

Raigeki always a more popular card than Top Cuts would have you believe, a perennial power pick with old school appeal, freshly reprinted in Structure Deck: Spirit Charmers as a Super Rare. But Raigeki appeared in the Top Cuts this past weekend, notably featuring in Justin Jones's Top 8 Dinosaur build. This format's already seen its fair share of big control boards, and sometimes the fastest way from Point A to Point B is a lightning-bolt shaped line straight through your opponent's monsters.

Raigeki wasn't the only board-breaking spell card from product-hover id="220334" that sold like hotcakes this week…

#3 Dark Ruler No More

With Forbidden Droplet still more than 120 dollars and no budget reprint in sight, demand for Dark Ruler No More been on a steady climb. The Spirit Charmers reprint wasn't cheap for a Structure Deck common when it debuted at about three bucks, but now it's up to six, and demand seems to be rising in the face of dwindling supply.

You can get the entire Structure Deck for 9 dollars shipped right now, so product-hover id="220334" are starting to feel undervalued.

#2 Knightmare Unicorn

Knightmare Unicorn is just under a dollar right now, and at that price point there seems to be a mix of lapsed duelists playing catch-up - players who may have never gotten their copy back when it was expensive, then left cardboard Yu-Gi-Oh due to the pandemic - as well as some major speculators.

Lots of people who bought Knightmare Unicorn this week bought multiple copies, and while it's a popular card in decks like Dinosaurs, Numerons, and Burning Abyss right now, it's at an all-time low in cash value. It's possible Knightmare Unicorn just can't go any lower than this, and since few players are eager to crack Genesis Impact, supply's not likely to rise over time. In-person tournaments are about to make a comeback, Remote Duels are attracting more players, and there's never been a better time to pick this thing up.

#1 PSY-Framegear Gamma

And finally, PSY-Framegear Gamma was once again the best-selling card in the TCGplayer Marketplace, after being knocked down to Number 3 last week. Flash forward to today, and last week's Number 2 and Number 1 finishers - Dragonmaid Tidying and DMZ Dragon - are nowhere to be found. PSY-Framegear Gamma actually saw less Top Cut play in the two RDI Qualifiers - only five of the sixteen qualifying players ran it - but it continues to be the highest selling card of 2021.

And for the record? It's not even close. PSY-Framegear Gamma outsold the next most popular cards by thousands of copies this year, continuing its massive run from 2020.

What else was big this week? Harpie's Feather Duster was almost back in the Top 10, coming in at Number 11. Monster Reborn saw a surge, topping in both Yishan McNabb's Gren Maju OTK and Colby Ng's Tri-Brigade deck, coming in at Number 12. Nibiru, the Primal Being and PSY-Frame Driver finished the week at Numbers 13 and 14, and Sacred Tree Beast, Hyperyton, still a possibility for Virtual World, hung in there at Number 15.

That's it for now, but join us this weekend for more articles, and we'll have the Top Cut decks from the Remote Duel Extravaganza over on our decks page as soon as they're available! See you then.