The ABC-Dragon Buster deck has a reputation for exploding back intocompetition right when we least expect it. Powerful and able to control theDuel from the get-go, it's also incredibly resilient and tough to playagainst. Fromnumerous Regionalsto theUDS Invitational, and evenYCS Chicago just this year, ABCs can pop up almost anywhere to steal the show. So are we standing onthe verge of another Dragon Buster comeback?

We might be! Leon's zeroed in on Gizmek Yata, the Gleaming Vanguard, a new card from Chaos Impact that's become the basis for new combos in ABCs. With Gizmek paving the way, Leon's thrown some new tech into the strategy and made it easier than ever to unleash the deadly Fusion. Check out the video for the story of the deck and to see the new plays, then scroll down for the deck list.



Want to play the deck yourself? Here's the complete list!