If you've never been to a Brazilian steakhouse, I highly recommend it. Servers bring exotic, expertly prepared cuts of meat out to you on massive skewers until you literally tap out. Meat is brought out at such a quick clip that it creates the feeling of pressure, which causes people to eat faster than they normally would. This, in turn, gets folks full sooner.

That's where we're at with the current spoiler season. After a scant four days into the first week, all four of Shadows over Innistrad's Planeswalkers have been revealed. It's tempting to gorge yourself on them, but if I've learned anything from Brazilian steakhouses, it's that the first cut they brought out is rarely the best. There's more meat coming. But that isn't to say that what we've been served thus far isn't damn tasty:

Arlinn Kord in particular seems fantastic — a powerful effect that carries some nuance. It can crack a midrange matchup easily, but it's not hard to slide under or go over the top of it. For all the boardstates that Arlinn Kord will dominate the second she hits play, there will be many more where she has no effect. It's the kind of card that requires a deliberate plan and sufficient roleplayers. If too much weight is placed on it pulling you out of a hole, it just Crumbles. I realize I'm not doing a great job selling it here, so I'll just say that in the right spots, it's great. It's not the kind of card you can topdeck and suddenly the game warps around it, like some Innistrad cards (cough Liliana of the Veil cough), but it's still great.

Our columnists and other great folks have had some stuff to say about Shadows over Innistrad so far:

Finally a card to seriously consider! #loam #dredge pic.twitter.com/OTqjhy7FLE

— Raphael Levy (@hahamoud) March 17, 2016

This card is amazing. I really like it and it's good this time too. :) pic.twitter.com/enBq5FjZjV

— Ali Aintrazi (@AliEldrazi) March 17, 2016

If you didn't already hate that blue mage in your commander circle enough, wait for them to emblem Jace with lab... pic.twitter.com/lQWr63xlYU

— Craig Wescoe (@Nacatls4Life) March 16, 2016


— Magic the Amateuring (@MtACast) March 17, 2016

#Eldraziconspiracy pic.twitter.com/NVh7gPHrAH

— Ali Aintrazi (@AliEldrazi) March 7, 2016

Sorin in MP! With Sensei's Top, 1st ability crushes! 2nd destroys most threats. 3rd is crazy in 40 life EDH! #mtgsoi pic.twitter.com/wTgSyknGL0

— Bruce Richard (@manaburned) March 17, 2016

The last planeswalker to have a journal died... Just sayin'. pic.twitter.com/h6HqjyGsKg

— Ali Aintrazi (@AliEldrazi) March 5, 2016

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