Can you guess what's sold the best from Shadows over Innistrad? With Eldritch Moon approaching it's a good time to look back and understand where we're coming from. What players already own and use makes what comes next easier to predict.

Assuming, of course, seeing what the future could look like is something you're into.

Jon and Ryan covered the top hits quickly to give you a snapshot of what happened with a little entertainment thrown in if video's up your alley:

Below you'll get a more detailed breakdown of the Top 10, the deck that mattered most for each of hem, and the full list of Shadows over Innistrad cards ranked. Let's get started.

#10: Always Watching

Early into Shadows over Innistrad Standard, Humans decks of all sorts had the early lead. While mono-white and white-green were common builds, others like white-red appeared later. Underpinning all of them was Always Watching, an effective way to turn a wide army of Humans into a crushing rush.

DECKID= 1264291

#9: Diregraf Colossus

Diregraf Colossus is a great Zombie card. However, Zombie decks have not hit their competitive stride. Instead, they remained a relative budget options for most of the Standard season, though Eldritch Moon dramatically bumped the demand—and price—for shambling undead.

Wedge has the first scoop:

DECKID= 1265360

#8: Westvale Abbey

Westvale Abbey stole the show at Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad, finding use in multiple top-performing archetypes and delighting viewers with incredible moments of a battlefield being wiped away into victory.

Luis Scott-Vargas's run to Top 8 was fun to watch and brought Black-Green Sacrifice to the top of the Standard discussion:

DECKID= 1264222

#7: Cryptolith Rite

Bant Company decks were already great before Shadows over Innistrad arrived. One of the biggest changes some decks adopted was Cryptolith Rite, turning creatures into more fast mana that let them chain together Collected Company and other ways to dump creatures onto the battlefield.

DECKID= 1265256

#6: Thing in the Ice

Players really wanted blue to be great last season, and Thing in the Ice was one of the ways they tried. Building a deck made to cast spells and quickly take over with a giant Horror looked and felt great but never found a home at the top tables of tournaments.

The closest winner was Mono-Blue Prison, satisfying the intersection of players that Insist on Islands and making opponents feel miserable:

DECKID= 1266302

#5: Prized Amalgam

Prized Amalgam, like Diregraf Colossus, never found a home in Standard. Unlike the Colossus though, Prized Amalgam found utility in Modern Dredge by jumping out of the graveyard repeatedly.

Corbin learned a lot about Dredge taking the deck for a spin:

DECKID= 1266090

#4: Declaration in Stone

Declaration in Stone has been a critical piece of removal for white decks of all stripes, appearing in both the main deck and sideboards for nearly every winning list. Steve Rubin brought it out of his sideboard at the Pro Tour, using it to lock away Archangel Avacyn and other problematic creatures when the moment arose.

It was also really good at fighting the White-Green Tokens mirror, wiping away swaths of tokens in convenient two-mana shots.

DECKID= 1264214

#3: Thalia's Lieutenant

Thalia's Lieutenant is a pillar in Humans decks. Making the army bigger, or becoming a one creature army, works well for the tribal decks, and trying to play Humans without Thalia's Lieutenant was just not correct.

DECKID= 1267516

#2: Duskwatch Recruiter

Duskwatch Recruiter has been a mainstay of Standard as soon as it hit when Shadows over Innistrad arrived and powered many of the format's best decks. Collected Company, Cryptolith Rite and Zulaport Cuthroat all work together well thanks to Duskwatch Recruiter digging as deep as your mana will go.

DECKID= 1265186

#1: Tireless Tracker

Tireless Tracker is a clue engine, and therefore a card-drawing engine, many Standard decks have used. What makes Tireless Tracker such an interesting card is how it found its way into another format: Legacy. Legacy Lands won a Grand Prix last year and took another Top 8 slot in Columbus earlier this summer.

Tireless Tracker works hard.

DECKID= 1266967

Complete Shadows over Innistrad Super Sellers Table

1 Tireless Tracker
2 Duskwatch Recruiter
3 Thalia's Lieutenant
4 Declaration in Stone
5 Prized Amalgam
6 Thing in the Ice
7 Cryptolith Rite
8 Westvale Abbey
9 Diregraf Colossus
10 Always Watching
11 Rattlechains
12 Traverse the Ulvenwald
13 Brain in a Jar
14 Triskaidekaphobia
15 Anguished Unmaking
16 Drownyard Temple
17 Hanweir Militia Captain
18 Fevered Visions
19 Lightning Axe
20 Engulf the Shore
21 Bygone Bishop
22 Village Messenger
23 Foreboding Ruins
24 Ever After
25 Falkenrath Gorger
26 Geier Reach Bandit
27 Nahiri, the Harbinger
28 Fiery Temper
29 Heir of Falkenrath
30 Game Trail
31 Fortified Village
32 Silverfur Partisan
33 Relentless Dead
34 Sin Prodder
35 Port Town
36 Choked Estuary
37 Asylum Visitor
38 Lambholt Pacifist
39 Deathcap Cultivator
40 Thraben Inspector
41 Eerie Interlude
42 Archangel Avacyn
43 Open the Armory
44 Howlpack Resurgence
45 To the Slaughter
46 Tamiyo's Journal
47 Avacyn's Judgment
48 Second Harvest
49 Olivia, Mobilized for War
50 Epiphany at the Drownyard
51 Arlinn Kord
52 Mindwrack Demon
53 Gryff's Boon
54 Seasons Past
55 Moonlight Hunt
56 Odric, Lunarch Marshal
57 Hermit of the Natterknolls
58 Town Gossipmonger
59 Altered Ego
60 The Gitrog Monster
61 Sorin, Grim Nemesis
62 Insolent Neonate
63 From Under the Floorboards
64 Jace, Unraveler of Secrets
65 Breakneck Rider
66 Skin Invasion
67 Rise from the Tides
68 Topplegeist
69 Forgotten Creation
70 Indulgent Aristocrat
71 Scourge Wolf
72 Startled Awake
73 Incorrigible Youths
74 Goldnight Castigator
75 Burn from Within
76 Elusive Tormentor
77 Invocation of Saint Traft
78 Inexorable Blob
79 Neglected Heirloom
80 Forsaken Sanctuary
81 Invasive Surgery
82 Ravenous Bloodseeker
83 Ulvenwald Hydra
84 Call the Bloodline
85 Sigarda, Heron's Grace
86 Highland Lake
87 Manic Scribe
88 Harness the Storm
89 Kessig Forgemaster
90 Soul Swallower
91 Olivia's Bloodsworn
92 Stensia Masquerade
93 Erdwal Illuminator
94 Pore Over the Pages
95 Geralf's Masterpiece
96 Sinister Concoction
97 Corrupted Grafstone
98 Ulvenwald Mysteries
99 Essence Flux
100 Sage of Ancient Lore
101 Descend upon the Sinful
102 Nagging Thoughts
103 Confirm Suspicions
104 Pieces of the Puzzle
105 Alms of the Vein
106 Stitchwing Skaab
107 Tormenting Voice
108 Pick the Brain
109 Angelic Purge
110 Loam Dryad
111 Rush of Adrenaline
112 Pious Evangel
113 Devils' Playground
114 Dead Weight
115 Clip Wings
116 Just the Wind
117 Compelling Deterrence
118 Vessel of Volatility
119 Pack Guardian
120 Welcome to the Fold
121 Vessel of Nascency
122 Foul Orchard
123 Wolf of Devil's Breach
124 Behold the Beyond
125 Graf Mole
126 Autumnal Gloom
127 Markov Dreadknight
128 Briarbridge Patrol
129 Trail of Evidence
130 Geistblast
131 Accursed Witch
132 Flameblade Angel
133 Woodland Stream
134 Bloodmad Vampire
135 Confront the Unknown
136 Daring Sleuth
137 Ongoing Investigation
138 Slayer's Plate
139 Fleeting Memories
140 Murderous Compulsion
141 Groundskeeper
142 Angel of Deliverance
143 Stone Quarry
144 Weirding Wood
145 Warped Landscape
146 Shamble Back
147 Haunted Cloak
148 Not Forgotten
149 Uninvited Geist
150 Chaplain's Blessing
151 Drogskol Cavalry
152 Twins of Maurer Estate
153 Uncaged Fury
154 Obsessive Skinner
155 Dance with Devils
156 Aberrant Researcher
157 Rabid Bite
158 Rancid Rats
159 Spectral Shepherd
160 Moldgraf Scavenger
161 Hinterland Logger
162 Gibbering Fiend
163 Pale Rider of Trostad
164 Press for Answers
165 Kindly Stranger
166 Bound by Moonsilver
167 Gisa's Bidding
168 Avacynian Missionaries
169 Ulrich's Kindred
170 Cult of the Waxing Moon
171 Nephalia Moondrakes
172 Broken Concentration
173 Liliana's Indignation
174 Grotesque Mutation
175 Solitary Hunter
176 Behind the Scenes
177 Sanitarium Skeleton
178 Catalog
179 Wild-Field Scarecrow
180 Nahiri's Machinations
181 Crawling Sensation
182 Hope Against Hope
183 Malevolent Whispers
184 Vessel of Paramnesia
185 Dual Shot
186 Expose Evil
187 Gatstaf Arsonists
188 Convicted Killer
189 Ember-Eye Wolf
190 Fork in the Road
191 Magnifying Glass
192 Deny Existence
193 Strength of Arms
194 Sanguinary Mage
195 Senseless Rage
196 Biting Rain
197 Ghoulsteed
198 Jace's Scrutiny
199 Macabre Waltz
200 Skeleton Key
201 Root Out
202 Thraben Gargoyle
203 Aim High
204 Crow of Dark Tidings
205 Byway Courier
206 Merciless Resolve
207 Pyre Hound
208 Veteran Cathar
209 Harvest Hand
210 Magmatic Chasm
211 Creeping Dread
212 Vessel of Malignity
213 Inner Struggle
214 Nearheath Chaplain
215 Tooth Collector
216 Stitched Mangler
217 Farbog Revenant
218 Drunau Corpse Trawler
219 Unruly Mob
220 Tenacity
221 Ghoulcaller's Accomplice
222 Vessel of Ephemera
223 Voldaren Duelist
224 Silverstrike
225 Stern Constable
226 Stoic Builder
227 Dauntless Cathar
228 Structural Distortion
229 True-Faith Censer
230 Watcher in the Web
231 Howlpack Wolf
232 Survive the Night
233 Mad Prophet
234 Niblis of Dusk
235 Reckless Scholar
236 Quilled Wolf
237 Cathar's Companion
238 Ghostly Wings
239 Stromkirk Mentor
240 Reaper of Flight Moonsilver
241 Spiteful Motives
242 Epitaph Golem
243 Militant Inquisitor
244 Murderer's Axe
245 Shard of Broken Glass
246 Drownyard Explorers
247 Inspiring Captain
248 Moorland Drifter
249 Puncturing Light
250 Humble the Brute
251 Apothecary Geist
252 Inquisitor's Ox
253 Sleep Paralysis
254 Lamplighter of Selhoff
255 Dissension in the Ranks
256 Equestrian Skill
257 Devilthorn Fox
258 Paranoid Parish-Blade
259 Rottenheart Ghoul
260 Ethereal Guidance
261 Gone Missing
262 Throttle
263 Thornhide Wolves
264 Explosive Apparatus
265 Emissary of the Sleepless
266 Silent Observer
267 Furtive Homunculus
268 Morkrut Necropod
269 Hulking Devil
270 Might Beyond Reason
271 Seagraf Skaab
272 Vampire Noble
273 Intrepid Provisioner
274 Hound of the Farbogs
275 Stormrider Spirit
276 Wicker Witch
277 Kessig Dire Swine
278 Reduce to Ashes
279 Stallion of Ashmouth
280 Runaway Carriage
281 Gloomwidow
282 Silburlind Snapper