Last week we talked about how the True Draco engine has changed the Zoodiac match-up, but those True Draco Zoodiac decks play only a small portion of what the True Draco theme has to offer.

Demise True Dracos emerged alongside True Draco Zoo, yet its failure to make the Top 32 at YCS Pittsburgh allowed it to slip under many player's raders. That said, Demise True Dracos have been scoring Regional wins ever since the launch of Maximum Crisis. In fact, the deck has been picking up in tournament success. Our deck archive has four Top 8 builds from Regionals during the June 3rd and 4th weekend.

Whether or not this is a sign of a continuing trend upwards for Demise True Dracos or not, it's way past time to talk about siding strategy for the match-up. Although your answers to Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King might be identical across Zoodiacs and Demise True Dracos, you'll want to make sure you're specifically prepared for the True Draco match-up. Master Peace is still the biggest threat, but it's better supported, easier to protect, more accessible, and has overall better synergies with the True Draco deck.

The Truest Dracos Team Up At Last
Demise True Dracos is the most 'pure' True Draco strategy in tournaments today. The deck only plays a couple of off-theme monsters, and themed cards comprise much of the spell and trap line-up. Disciples of the True Dracophoenix, True Draco Heritage, True Draco Apocalypse, and True King's Return take up as many as twelve slots in the deck. Many of those cards are totally dependent on you having True Draco or True King monsters on-hand, so it might seem odd that players are running fewer than ten True Draco monsters.

That's where Dragonic Diagram comes in. Diagram can search every True Draco and True King monster, spell, and trap in the deck. Its deck searching effect gives True Draco players access to any one of seven or eight cards, which often includes their entire monster line-up. Other decks play Diagram primarily for its destruction effect and use its True King recruitment for a bonus, but both Demise True Dracos and True Draco Zoodiacs are overwhelmingly focused on grabbing key cards.

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Card of Demise, Pot of Desires, and Pot of Duality boost the deck's consistency when Dragonic Diagram isn't enough; most importantly, Demise and Desires give the deck a bit of extra help in generating card advantage. You'll notice that True Dracos rely on the opponent's actions to net searches at a +1. The strategy heavily relies on that mechanic as well as Master Peace's effect, which is surprising for a competitive theme today. While Dinosaurs, Zoodiacs, and Pendulums can amass cards and build up a field regardless of opponents' actions, True Dracos need to either wait for an effect to activate or use generic cards.

Demise True Dracos are an oddity among Demise strategies. It's extremely spell heavy and relies on Master Peace and its themed spells and traps to play defense. The deck is also completely immune to Dimensional Barrier, mostly immune to Solemn Strike, and can turn opposing hand traps into search effects thanks to Dinomight Knight, the True Dracofighter and Majesty Maiden, the True Dracocaster. Dragonic Diagram isn't a True Draco card, so it can't be searched outside of Terraforming. Blocking Diagram is the first step to winning the match-up, followed by removing the smaller True Draco monsters, and finally by defeating Master Peace.

Interrupting The Supply Chain
Demise True Dracos take notes from Demise Qliphorts by substituting Qliphort Scout with Dragonic Diagram. If you remember the Qliphort match-up the strategy to win typically consisted of banishing your opponent's Qliphort Scouts as quickly as possible. Likewise, Dragonic Diagram should be your first priority in the True Draco match-up. That's a change from True Draco Zoodiacs where stopping Diagram isn't nearly as crucial. Demise True Dracos need Diagram to help search and trigger their spells and traps. Dinomight Knight, the True Dracofighter and Majesty Maiden, the True Dracocaster can only hold up the strategy for so long.

Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit and Ash Blossom & Joyus Springs are excellent Turn 1 answers to Dragonic Diagram when you're playing second. While going first you can play Imperial Order, Magic Deflector, Deck Lockdown, Mistake, Cosmic Cyclone, or even Set Rotation to block your opponent's Field Spell Zone.

Each of these cards has their own advantages and disadvantages, but the most important thing to keep in mind is that Diagram isn't limited by a hard once-per-turn requirement. Your opponent is free to activate a second copy after you destroy or negate the first. That's why cards with staying power, like Magic Deflector, Deck Lockdown, Mistake, Set Rotation, and Imperial Order are more effective for completely shutting down Diagram for the turn. Unending Nightmare can also take out multiple copies of Diagram per turn.

Unfortunately there are few decks better suited for breaking floodgates than Demise True Dracos. Each of the True Draco and True King spells can destroy spells and traps on the field when they're sent from the field to the graveyard, and the themed traps destroy monsters. Your opponent can trigger them in a couple of ways: either by tributing them to Tribute Summon a True Draco, or by destroying them with Diagram's effect. If you're going to play a floodgate it needs to stop Tribute Summons, Diagram's effect, or graveyard-activated effects at a minimum.

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Mask of Restrict, Zombie World, and Fog King block Tribute Summons, which forces your opponent to Special Summon their monsters exclusively until they find an out. Again, that's not too difficult. Dragonic Diagram can destroy True Draco Heritage and net a spell or trap removal effect, and True King's Return is equally useful for destroying monsters. Your opponent could chain True King's Return to Mask of Restrict, Tribute Summon a monster by tributing a spell, and destroy Mask just after it finishes resolving.

All of the True Draco and True King spell and trap effects that destroy cards activate only when they're sent from the field to the graveyard. Macro Cosmos takes the graveyard out of the equation. It effectively prevents your opponent from destroying cards without using Master Peace or generic cards. Even Master Peace is crippled if you can keep the graveyard empty, though that's extremely difficult unless you can activate Macro Cosmos early in the duel. It's well-worth siding if you can afford having your own cards banished.

Jeremy Glassman mained two copies of Deck Lockdown in his Demise True Dracos at the Fort Worth Texas Regional. It's essentially a shorter-lived Mistake with a faster uptime, but it also has the benefit of blocking Special Summons from the deck. That's extremely relevant in other match-ups, although it really doesn't help much here. It's an affordable substitute to Ash Blossom that will, at the very least, stop a second search from your opponent on your turn.

Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring is easily the single best Side Deck pick against Demise True Dracos. It stops crucial cards in the match-up, works on either player's turn, and can stop an early game Dragonic Diagram. Negating Card of Demise is a quick way to put yourself ahead in the duel and deny your opponent an early headstart. It's not a card everyone has access to right now, but Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit and Deck Lockdown are excellent budget alternatives.

Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King takes on a more central role in the Demise True Draco strategy compared to True Draco Zoodiacs. It's worth siding in some more specific answers to Master Peace for this match-up like Graydle Eagle. Demise True Draco mirror matches often come down to battles between opposing copies of Master Peace, so players have begun siding a copy of Domain of the True Monarchs to give themselves an ATK advantage in addition to locking opponents out of the Extra Deck.

My Body as a Shield negates and destroys a monster including a trap-immune Master Peace, but it can't negate True King's Return or True Draco Apocalypse when they activate in the graveyard. Forbidden Lance, then, becomes the best way to keep your monsters alive when your opponent is tributing or destroying their traps. You can also use Lance to drop the ATK of True Dracos, although you'll still need to attack multiple times to break through Dragonic Diagram's protection effect.

Demise True Dracos look like they might be major competitors at the North American WCQ this year. They'll be more competitive after the June 12th F&L List, and the loss of the Fusion Substitute combo might encourage players to dedicate more Side Deck cards to solving Master Peace. This deck, along with Magician Pendulums, is a match-up you'll want to keep an eye on and start preparing for as the final weeks of the season come to an end.

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