Is anyone else sick of Primeval Titan?


Prime Time has been ramping players in Modern since the format began in 2011. Six-mana creatures aren't supposed to be good in Modern—the format's too fast—but Primeval Titan breaks that rule, along with the rule that you can only play one land per turn. As a result, it sees play in several Modern decks, including format boogeyman Amulet Titan (it's right there in the name).

We're tired of Titan. No more. Today we're playing a Titan deck with no Titan. That'll show it.

Say hello to Scapeshift. This classic combo deck uses Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle to turn Scapeshift into an "I-win" spell. Once you get to seven lands in play, you can cast Scapeshift to sacrifice all your lands and get six Mountains plus Valakut. Since all the mountains enter play at the same time, they all trigger Valakut, which deals 18 damage (6 times 3) to a target of your choice. Most of the time, that's enough to win the game. Primeval Titan typically gets you to seven lands faster and/or beats down if the opponent has interaction for Scapeshift, but we don't need it!

Hm... as long as we're playing on hard mode, why not add another restriction to this deck? What if we don't play any Mountains, the card that triggers Valakut? Can we still win with Scapeshift?


We sure can! All we need is Dryad of the Ilysian Grove, and all our lands (even Valakut!) will count as Mountains. That means with just six lands in play we can cast Scapeshift, grab three Valakut and three other random lands, and deal 54 damage! Plus, on its own, the Dryad can ramp us to six lands by turn four.

Forget you Titan. We're hanging out with this buff Dryad instead.