We're three weeks into the new tournament season and as the deck archive fills with new Top Cut decks, the format's wide open. Orcust variants and Sky Strikers are clearly leading competition, but with so many viable strategies there are tons of options. And while pure Thunder Dragons won the UDS in Indianapolis to kick off the big-stage competition, that deck's gotten a bit lost in the shuffle of Regional results.

What are the strengths of the pure Thunder Dragon deck now that it's back? How can you run it, and what are some of the newer innovations making it so good? Leon's got the answers to those questions and more in today's video, and he's out to show you why pure Thunders are #toostronk.



Do you think pure Thunders have what it takes to be a big contender at YCS Niagara? Or are they overshadowed by Orcusts and Strikers? Let us know, down in the comments.