I've been toying around and playing with the morph deck I posted in my last article for a little while now. I kinda wish I had played it at GP Paris. I'm not sure I would have had more success (couldn't really have been worse) but at least I would have had fun.

I took the following list to a couple of eight-man tournaments:


I wanted to try out a couple of cards, and it's all explained in the introduction video.

That's right: as I promised in my last article, I'm giving you the deck in action!

Disclaimer: I sometimes refer to other games as I recorded a few others that aren't going up in this article.

In the first video, we're playing against GW in the first round of an eight-man tournament, a deck that gives us enough time to set up. Prepare for some epic games and a glorious finish. If you're not satisfied with the epictude / epicity / epicdom of the games, I'll give you your money back.

In the second video, we're playing against Abzan Control in the second round of the same eight-man. If you thought the first match was epic, get ready for some "Braveheart" action, with triggers that almost timed me out. A MUST SEE if you want to play the deck.

In the last video, we're paired against Monored in the second round of another eight-man. I got you excited about what the deck could do in the first two matches, but unfortunately it doesn't always work like this, and it would be dishonest of me to only show you the deck when it shines and not when it sinks.

The videos show the strengths and the weaknesses of the deck. As you have seen, the deck isn't the most stable deck in the format and keeping one-landers happen more than usual as mulliganing really hurts.

Its bad matchups are very hard to overcome: Monored is virtually unbeatable on the draw and GW Devotion gets even bigger than you and there aren't many ways you can stop it. The bad news is that I don't think there's any strategy in the format that would allow us to tweak the deck enough to turn the bad matchups around.

However, the good matchups such as Abzan Control, UB Control, and Esper Dragons are awesome games to play as long as you know how to manage the clock. The games you win are extremely satisfying and fun.

There is still room for improvement as I don't think the list I played is optimal. Kin-Tree Warden for example was not very good (who would have known?) and maybe the mana base needs to be tweaked some more.

On the Competitive Scale from 1 to 10, I think this deck is a 6; something you can take to a tournament, and win with it once in a while. I don't expect it to get any better with the upcoming set (Magic Origins) as the whole strategy revolves around the Morph creatures (unless of course, we get more Morph shenanigans, but I seriously doubt it).

In any case, I'm happy I got to brew some standard, hopefully you guys will have as much fun playing it as I did brewing it, and who knows, maybe take first place in some tournament!



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