Here we are with the latest and greatest in terms of Standard Aggro decks. Mono-Black Aggro is a strategy that hasn't existed in Standard for quite a while, but this deck is a new spin on that reemerging archetype. Witch's Oven combines with Cauldron Familiar to make for a great one-two punch that is pretty difficult to interact with. I have tested with this deck in preparation for the upcoming Mythic Championship, and it really impressed me.

This set of matches really showcased what the deck is capable of. You can pick up easy wins simply by having a good curve of creatures if the opponent stumbles a little, or can't find a sweeper. You can also win some late games with the power of Midnight Reaper to draw extra cards and Witch's Oven to recycle Cauldron Familiar each turn. The deck wants to get as many little creatures onto the battlefield as possible.

I actually don't mind playing against Golos with this deck. Early on you can get in a bunch of damage, and even if they do sweep the board you often can preserve enough gas to win after the wrath. Drill Bit and Duress are really nice, cheap ways to disrupt the opponent, and efficient discard like this leaves the opponent often needing to topdeck. Castle Locthwain also means you are unlikely to completely run out of things to do with your mana.

With all the attention Golos has been receiving, it's decks like this that are flying under the radar right now. This is an aggro deck with a powerful late game, which is pretty scary. The deck can straight up drain the opponent out without needing to actually attack. Ayara, First of Locthwain is one of the biggest payoffs for playing only the color black. The deck plays cards like Lazotep Reaver to get additional black creatures on the battlefield to sacrifice to Ayara or Priest of Forgotten Gods. Against opposing creature decks, getting to untap on turn three with a Priest of Forgotten Gods is often just game over, as your opponent won't get a chance to have their creatures stick around for very long.

This is a deck to keep an eye on. With so many good cheap creatures in black, it actually might be the best color for aggressive decks in Standard right now.

Seth Manfield

Seth Manfield is a professional Magic player and member of both the Magic Hall of Fame and the 2019 Magic Pro League.

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