It's almost unbelievable that a good Standard format was so close all along. Seriously, just three cards needed to be banned – one of them a mana-fixing common – and apparently we now have a great Standard format full of unique and interesting decks. It really shows you how razor-thin the line is between broken and mediocre.

But hey, whatever, I'll enjoy it while I can. And you should too – welcome to Green-White Aggro. Home to Huatli.

This deck is quite the spicy one. We've certainly seen shells with Adanto Vanguard, Adorned Pouncer and Jadelight Ranger before – in fact, they're all over Standard – but never one quite with this slant. I mean, really, Servo Exhibition, Sram's Expertise and Huatli, Radiant Champion?

But it works. In fact, it works beautifully. The thrill of pumping Adorned Pouncer with Appeal // Authority for seven or eight points of power is pretty nuts in a format where people don't realize that just three mana – the aftermath side of Appeal // Authoriy taps down would-be blockers – can kill them on the spot.

By the way, you can also live the dream of turn three Huatli.

Legion's Landing into Servo Exhibition can transform the Landing on the third turn, giving you four mana for either Huatli or Sram's Expertise on turn three, all while also providing a nice aggressive start to begin pecking away at an opponent to set up a huge Appeal // Authority combo kill later on – something else Huatli helps with. By the way, Huatli's ultimate – which is very easy to achieve in this deck – draws you a card on any creature entering, which means your tokens are drawing you cards.

Throw in some protection with Blossoming Defense, some removal and some solid value creatures to help you churn through the deck, and you have a potent machine. I watched this deck wreck a 40-person PPTQ last weekend, and it's put a few 5-0 results up on Magic Online as well.

Welcome to the new world of Standard – where anything is possible. I'll be covering Grand Prix Memphis this weekend (you can watch at, and I can't wait to see what else Standard has to offer.

Thanks for reading,

Corbin Hosler