This week, we are going a little bit off the beaten path with Mardu Angels. This deck plays a lot of big flyers, and aims to overwhelm the opponent with its beefy creatures. Bishop of Wings and Kaalia, Zenith Seeker are two significant additions that really make this deck sing. There are Dragons and Demons in the deck as well, to make Kaalia, Zenith Seeker as strong as possible.

The version I am playing is my own spin on the archetype.

The deck gains a lot of its power in the mid-game, when it can start deploying its big creatures, so the key is having early plays and ways to contain opposing aggression. Bishop of Wings is a perfect fit in the deck. Though it does have a bit of an annoying casting cost, it's still a two-drop. Playing this card on turn two is amazing against the aggressive decks, as it is not only going to gain you life, it is hard to attack past, and then the spirits it can generate are also very relevant.

Playing four copies of both Bishop of Wings and Kaalia, Zenith Seeker is mandatory in my opinion. I have seen some lists with only three Kaalia, Zenith Seeker and I believe that to just be wrong. Yes, this is a legendary creature, but it's a super powerful one. Having a sizable threat, and getting another threat of significance from your deck is a big deal. Usually Kaalia, Zenith Seeker will find one creature, but there will be some occasional misses, or times when you find two or even three creatures to grab in the top six cards.

Having early removal is important against Vampires, one of the strongest decks in the format. Legion's End and Cry of the Carnarium really shine, as they can answer an Adanto Vanguard. I have also been quite happy with the sideboard. Blood Sun and Ashiok, Dream Render really help the Scapeshift matchup. Unfortunately, in the small sample of games we played here I wasn't able to win enough to be able to showcase the deck as well as I would have liked.

Playing twice against Vampires is to be expected, as it is one of the top two decks in the format overall, and I will take the 1-1 match split. In some of the other matches I think I may have not played perfectly, and that was costly. Some of the decks were also quite unusual, which makes them tougher to face off against. I don't think Mardu Angels is tier 1, but it did gain a lot of new tools, and could exist in some form after the next set rotation.

Seth Manfield

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