As is evident when you look at Eldraine, the new tribe of Standard is Knights. There are three colors of good Knights in the format, but I am opting to go straight white-black here. Certainly, there are arguments to going red, and maybe going with a version that includes equipment, but there are enough good cards in straight white-black that the third color isn't completely necessary.

In many ways the deck is similar to Orzhov Vampires from the previous Standard format, but has much better late game. The Adventure cards mean that even as the game goes long there is something to do with your mana every single turn.

Keep in mind when watching the video I'm still learning to play the deck. This was my first time getting to play the new cards, so naturally mistakes are made or new card interactions may get overlooked.

Overall, I thought the deck performed well. The Wilderness Reclamation deck seemed like a tougher matchup because they aren't playing a ton of creatures, and can go over the top of you. Against the decks that did have lots of creatures we could normally grind games out with our late-game power. The deck never really played out in a super aggressive way, and I'm perfectly fine with that. This deck is built to go long.

Blacklance Paragon is one of the more interesting cards in the deck because it's tough to know how your opponent will play when you are representing it. A reasonable amount of the time it ended up just being a 3/1 body with flash that could pressure the opponent, which is okay. Sideboarding with the deck is pretty difficult as it's often tough to know which Knights you can cut. I found myself shaving Venerable Knight pretty often.

I'm excited to see what the Knights decks are capable of. Acclaimed Contender is a really strong card in a deck like this, and I believe not playing four is very wrong. It was super awkward to whiff, but it's just something that can happen every once in a while off the trigger. The manabase is interesting. I thought playing some Castles made sense, but I never actually got to a situation where I wanted to activate one. It might be best to cut them and Fabled Passage to just play four Temple of Silence, I'm not sure yet.

Seth Manfield

Seth Manfield is a professional Magic player and member of both the Magic Hall of Fame and the 2019 Magic Pro League.

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