This week I am playing a new brew (more or less). The deck is inspired by the Sultai Scapeshift list I took to a Fandom Legends tournament, where I made the Top 8. Eventually I came to the conclusion that the strength of the deck was not actually Scapeshift itself. Decks like Bant Scapeshift can use Scapeshift better since they have Teferi, Time Raveler to cast it at instant speed. Getting a ton Zombies on your turn opens you up to heavily played removal spells like Deputy of Detention and Legion's End—a real blowout. I'm also not using Yarok, the Desecrated, so apologies in advance to all Yarok lovers.

The deck started from the idea of making Massacre Girl as good as possible. This card is a nightmare for Vampires, and really most creature decks in the format. You actually want 1-toughness creatures that you don't mind dying in the deck. That's where Elvish Rejuvenator and Risen Reef enter the picture. Vraska, Golgari Queen is another very versatile planeswalker that is incredibly underrepresented in the current metagame. Being able to kill off opposing three-mana planeswalkers like Narset, Parter of Veils and Teferi, Time Raveler is massive. It also allows you to cash in your bad creatures for additional cards and lands much later in the game.

I added in Thought Erasure to have a bit more interaction against the slower decks in the format. Bant Scapeshift and Simic Nexus are tough matchups, so cards like Thought Erasure alongside a decent number of sideboard slots are dedicated towards combating those. I think the best time to play this deck is when you expect to play against a lot of Vampires. Massacre Girl makes that my favorite matchup. I also like some of the other small creature matchups, but not huge Dinosaurs, since Massacre Girl has trouble taking care of those.

I don't expect this deck to become top-tier, but it's definitely real, and occupies an important place in the metagame now. The best part is, the core of this deck will exist after the next rotation. There are no Scapeshifts here, so expect to see straight-up Field of the Dead-based control decks in the next Standard format.

Seth Manfield

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