The Standard format has once again been shaken up, and Temur Reclamation has a chance to shine once more. I'm actually surprised the deck hasn't picked up more popularity since the bannings, but part of this can be attributed to how difficult it is to play. I know I have made my fair share of mistakes playing it, including a very memorable one against Mike Sigrist in Top 16 of the Twitch Rivals event. You often have many different options per turn, and depending which line you take it can either be very rewarding or very punishing.

Game ones with the deck are usually going to be more straightforward than sideboard games. Your opponent will have fewer ways to answer Wilderness Reclamation, so your gameplan is less likely to be disrupted. This deck is all about generating tons of mana, and it can't do that without Wilderness Reclamation.

You'll win most games with a huge Expansion//Explosion, though there will be matchups where this plan is less reliable. The creatures give you a backup plan of beating down, as many times the opponent will take out most or all their removal.

Let's talk about the most problematic cards in the format. I think Narset, Parter of Veils is one of the most difficult cards to play against, and honestly one of the main reasons to play Temur Reclamation right now is that Narset, Parter of Veils isn't seeing as much play. Teferi, Time Raveler on the other hand does see lots of play, and is incredibly scary as well.

The plan against Teferi, Time Raveler is simple: you must counter it. There are five countermagic spells in the maindeck, with more coming in after sideboard. The good news is a deck like Jeskai Fires is probably going to lose unless they are able to get Teferi, Time Raveler in play, so games really do revolve around it. You can bounce it with Brazen Borrower, but this isn't usually going to work out very well. Overall, I think you are favored against Jeskai Fires, but Legion Warboss and Mystical Dispute make sideboard games very interesting.

The deck can just out-card advantage the opponent by drawing a bunch of cards. Chemister's Insight means that even discard strategies have trouble keeping you low on cards—if they force you to discard the Insight, you can still play it. Right now, I believe Temur Reclamation is a tier 2 strategy, but it actually lines up quite nicely against the top decks, as the Food decks are quite easy matchups. If you like a challenge and a good deck all rolled into one, this is the deck for you!

Seth Manfield

Seth Manfield is a professional Magic player and member of both the Magic Hall of Fame and the 2019 Magic Pro League.

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