Hold on to your hat, this combo's a doozy.

You may know Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord as a Vampire tribal card with some former use in Standard and current use in Pioneer. At three mana, with four loyalty and two +1 abilities, he's certainly powerful—but unless you have a critical mass of Vampires, all he can do is grant deathtouch and lifelink. He supports Vampire tribal decks, and that's all.

Or is it?

Enter Morophon, the Boundless. While Morophon's type line and abilities scream "Commander," this Shapeshifter is Modern-legal. Since Morophon is every creature type, Sorin can plop it into play on turn three with his -3 ability, giving you a 6/6 way ahead of curve.

That's hardly broken by Modern standards. What else can Morophon do?

That's right! Morophon reduces casting costs of a chosen creature type by one of each color, which means creatures with a WUBRG casting cost become completely free. As it happens, one creature type contains a whopping three Modern-legal WUBRG creatures that synergize together: Slivers!

This sounds janky, right? Well it is—but it's also much more consistent than you might expect. As a creature-based combo it can exploit green's best card selection spells like Oath of Nissa (banned in Pioneer) and Once Upon a Time (banned in Standard). Once your squad of big, indestructible baddies hits the table, you'll feel like you're playing the cool kid's version of Eldrazi.

Meryn MTG

Meryn is a Twitch streamer and YouTuber who plays spicy, unconventional Modern decks.

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