Though Anti-Spell Fragrance was proposed as a catch-all answer to Pendulum Summons the moment this format was revealed, it took a long time to catch on. While it was favored in theory, it was viewed as a high-risk card. Throw it down early and your opponent couldn't establish their Pendulum Scale. But fail to draw it early enough and your opponent would resolve their Pendulum Spells unopposed: any Fragrances you drew afterward could be dead cards.


Compared to more versatile answers like Storming Mirror Force, Time-Space Trap Hole, and even Horn of Heaven and Grand Horn of Heaven, it seemed subpar, especially when you factored in its narrow use. With a wide range of decks at the top levels of competition it was too risky to play Anti-Spell Fragrance in Game 1, relegating it to the Side Deck for Games 2 and 3. That meant your opponent could counter-side well in advance to beat it, and it would eat three slots from your Side Deck in the process.

But fast forward to today and the situation's different. While a variety of decks still see play, Pendulum variants become more ubiquitous with every Regional weekend, and the release of new cards like Pendulum Sorcerer in Breakers of Shadow mean the uptrend will likely continue. Suddenly the risks of Anti-Spell Fragrance are lower, and the rewards are higher; it's obviously a better card when you're more likely to see Pendulum decks.

That shift manifested in the final Regional weekend of the year, where Anti-Spell Fragrance saw unprecedented Main Deck use. Eric Demoor played it in Satellarknights; Bryan Gutierrez ran it in his Brilliant Star Seraph Performages; Chris Watton used it in Lightsworn; Joe Bogli had three in his Burning Abyss deck; and one duelist at the Tulsa Regional played it in Artifact Kozmos. All five competitors Main Decked it, and all of them took Top 8 finishes. Meanwhile countless others were siding it as well.

If you were waiting to pull the trigger on Anti-Spell Fragrance, now's the time to give it a shot. Pendulum decks will only see more play with the arrival of BOSH, and widespread Main Decked success proves Fragrance viable. Try it out yourself!

-Jason Grabher-Meyer